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The Stealth (Invisible) Mode

You can run a wipe process completely invisible in the background. Just open east-tec Eraser, go to the Erase menu -> Preferences and select Stealth Mode.

The Stealth mode allows you to run the erasure process in the background, undetectable and transparently. The Progress Indicator (that displays the erasure status) will not appear, however other additional windows and messages may be displayed (and possibly compromise your intention to execute the task covertly).

You may enhance the Stealth process by making a few additional modifications.

From the Erase > Erase Options menu, please access Confirmations, then uncheck Confirm once for all files, Confirm for each individual file, and Confirm before wiping free space. This will ensure that no confirmation windows are displayed (requiring user interaction).

Next, go to Automation. In the first section of this screen, make sure you do not select Show Restart dialog. Any other option in this section will be acceptable in order not to expose the erasure task.

In the second section, any selection is acceptable; however Don't shut down, just close the progress box is not applicable because the progress box (Progress Indicator) has been disabled by your activation of the Stealth Mode setting.