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east-tec Eraser Reviews

  • The Kosciuszko Institute and Google

    'The right to be deleted' that East-tec offers is no longer the domain of nerds or experts, and is becoming a basic consumer and citizen right.

  • Top Ten Reviews

    This app takes a keen interest in web browser privacy - it can wipe every aspect of your browser history and behavior. Go beyond the browser and there's still loads to like. ... There isn't much that this app can't do - and its $30 price undercuts many of its rivals.

  • Smart Computing (Print Edition)

    It's not often that we see perfect software, but east-tec Eraser is close. If you are concerned about erasing your tracks online or on the PC, this product is for you.

  • Association of Personal Computer User Groups

    east-tec Eraser is the quintessential software for eliminating anything you really want to get rid of without worrying that it will show up unexpectedly because someone was able to restore it. What's more, it's easy to use and fool-proof.

  • Software Informer: Editor's Pick Award

    east-tec Eraser is able to destroy all the information that can harm your reputation. ... With a great amount of positive feedback from users and magazines, east-tec Eraser exceeds every expectation when it comes to protecting your digital privacy.

  • MadDownload.com: Editor's Choice Award

    Although antivirus programs are good, they don't provide the full protection which you are looking for. ... If you are concerned about your privacy, do try this utility for best results.

  • Computer Power User (Print Edition)

    A slider on the bottom of the east-tec Eraser window determines the speed vs. security tradeoff. ... None of the various undelete utilities we tried were able to recover any file with the slider set around the halfway position.

  • Techworld

    east-tec Eraser is a supremely powerful privacy tool which can quickly and securely cover your PC tracks ... and so preventing others from spying on your computing activities.

  • Hakin9

    The result? None of your activity history and private data are left behind - and... your PC works faster.

  • Rocky Bytes: Recommended Software Award

    Even better, anyone can use east-tec Eraser. With an easy to navigate interface and understand terminology, even the novice user can use this software and get great protection without needing to learn any of the advance stuff.

  • Arvutimaailm (Print Edition)

    In a way, east-tec Eraser also speeds up your computer by removing temporary and other unnecessary files from your computer and freeing up disk space.

  • PCWorld

    Time to get serious. east-tec Eraser goes beyond U.S. Department of Defense standards for the permanent erasure of digital information to remove every trace of sensitive data from your computer.

  • ZDNet - Editors' Pick Award

    Eraser is a high-level security application that performs secure file wipes to completely eliminate sensitive data from your computer. ... Eraser is easy to use and performs extremely well.

  • Softseek Editor's Pick Award

    Eraser does a very good job at destroying data beyond recovery. Its extensive erasing capabilities make sure that not even a trace remains after erasing a file or folder.

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east-tec DisposeSecure Reviews

  • CNET - Editors' Rating: Excellent

    To keep your private data safe from others, you really need a more thorough tool and East-Tec's DisposeSecure fits the bill. ... DisposeSecure is a powerful and competent tool, and its interface and features reflect that.

  • TechRepublic

    east-tec DisposeSecure offers best solution to safely erasing hard disks.

  • Softpedia - Editor's Rating: Very Good

    Nice and Easy Sanitizing! Working with the program is really easy, and you don't have to be a professional to find your way around the commands and options. ... A good sanitizing program, with many options to choose from.

  • Download3K - Editor's Review: Very Good

    With multiple destruction methods to choose from, a comprehensive help file, and industry-proven reliability, this software is amongst the most highly-rated file deletion utilities available.

  • Rocky Bytes - Great!

    With all of the risks involved, this makes it important to use software like east-tec DisposeSecure to make sure that all of your sensitive and private data doesn't end up in the wrong hands simply because you want to sell and recycle your old hardware.

  • Canadian Content

    If you're getting rid of your PC, East-Tec's DisposeSecure can clean your system of data which may still be accessible. The program will check each disk sector and remove current data by overwriting it with nothingness.

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east-tec InvisibleSecrets Reviews

  • LockerGnome

    Cisco Systems uses this program. The Drug Enforcement Administration uses this program. The Exchange Bank uses this program. McCain Foods Limited uses this program. The program is Invisible Secrets and the client list grows.

  • Playboy

    Keep your porn-site passwords in a single encrypted file, then use the program's 'steganography' function to hide that file deep in another document - say, a digital wedding photo (you twisted bastard).

  • Smart Computing (Print Edition)

    Invisible Secrets' appeal lies in its ability to demystify the complicated subject of data security and provide even novice users with a valuable tool for safeguarding their data.

  • CNET - Editors' Rating: Excellent

    The program has a very user-friendly interface. Novice users will especially like the wizard-like approach it takes to walk you through each feature when selected. Encrypting a file was a piece of cake.

  • V3 - Five Star Rating

    InvisibleSecrets is actually six applications, neatly packaged together to provide complete privacy and security for the digital age. ... Verdict: A comprehensive suite of tools for securing your data. Simple to use and well presented.

  • APC Magazine - Editor's Choice Award

    Invisible Secrets allows you to encrypt messages within a graphics file. ... The beauty of the program is that there is little to no adjustment to the file size, making them easy to email and hard to detect.

  • Rocky Byte - Recommended Software Award

    Save yourself the time and effort and let InvisibleSecrets do the work for you, while it works hard to protect your private files from others. ... Judging by how many features are packed into this light application it is hard to say no to such an offer.

  • Download3K - Editor's Review: Very Good

    If you're looking for a simple, convenient, and secure way to encrypt or decrypt files of all kinds, Invisible Secrets Encryption Software offers a more-than-basic feature set with useful extras like file hiding and permanent deletion capabilities.

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east-tec SafeBit Reviews

  • Department of Homeland Security - SAVER

    The encryption and decryption process is transparent to the user. ... Once downloaded, it can be installed in approximately one minute and does not ordinarily require an IT professional.

  • CHIP Magazine

    The last line of defense: If all else fails, you can be sure that what you have locked in your SafeBit vault will remain untouched by viruses and other vermin, and you will not lose anything from there.

  • Top Ten Reviews

    Whatever you encrypt with SafeBit will probably not be cracked in your lifetime. Furthermore, SafeBit goes beyond basic encryption with interesting and convenient ways for you to employ the encryption.

  • Advances in Networks, Computing and Communications

    Sid installed the SafeBit anti-forensics software; files hidden by the software are highly unlikely to become traceable; multiple files were stored in virtual memory by creating a virtual safe.

  • Softpedia - Editor's Review: Very Good

    One of the easiest softwares to work with. The interface displays all the options SafeBit makes available. The Help file is complete and gives you all the information you need, explaining every feature of the program and how it works.

  • Rocky Bytes - Recommended Software Award

    Safebit uses on the fly encryption that will encrypt folders and files very fast. ... However, this is a virtual drive, and anything that is stored on it will be automatically encrypted upon drag and drop.

  • Lockergnome

    One of the best ways to protect yourself is to encrypt your computer information. ... Somehow, there is a common belief that encryption is difficult and totally geekish. It really isn't. SafeBit Disk Encryption makes it easy. ... SafeBit is just an efficient, easy way to protect yourself.

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