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The East-Tec Products Have Been Featured In

Print Magazines Featuring East-Tec Products

The East-Tec products have been featured and recommended by some of the most important technology and security magazines worldwide:

  • Arvutimaailm Magazine
    Arvutimaailm Magazine (Estonia)
  • Computer Shopper
    Computer Shopper (UK)
  • Computer Shopper
    Computer Shopper (US)
  • Evidence Technology Magazine
    Evidence Technology Magazine (US)
  • PC Advisor
    PC Advisor (UK)
  • PC Praxis
    PC Praxis (Germany)
  • PC Pro
    PC Pro (UK)
  • PC Utilities
    PC Utilities (UK)
  • SC Magazine
    SC Magazine (US)
  • Smart Computing
    Smart Computing (US)
  • Windows XP: The Official Magazine
    Windows XP: The Official Magazine (UK)

Books Featuring East-Tec Products

Here are just a few examples of the many books featuring East-Tec products.

  • Steal This Computer Book 2: What They Won't Tell You About the Internet - pages 377 and 440
    Steal This Computer Book 2: What They Won’t Tell You About the Internet
  • From Victim To Victor: A Step By Step Guide For Ending the Nightmare of Identity Theft - page 71
    From Victim To Victor: A Step By Step Guide For Ending the Nightmare of Identity Theft
  • Handbook of Digital and Multimedia Forensic Evidence - page 128
    Handbook of Digital and Multimedia Forensic Evidence
  • Netspionage: The Global Threat to Information - page 109
    Netspionage: The Global Threat to Information
  • Privacy Protection and Computer Forensics - page 29
    Privacy Protection and Computer Forensics
  • Safeguard Your Identity: Protect Yourself With A Personal Privacy Audit - page 57
    Safeguard Your Identity: Protect Yourself With A Personal Privacy Audit
  • The Business of Medical Practice: Advanced Profit Maximization Techniques for Savvy Doctors - page 314
    The Business of Medical Practice: Advanced Profit Maximization Techniques for Savvy Doctors
  • Maran Illustrated Windows XP 101 Hot Tips - page 23
    Maran Illustrated Windows XP 101 Hot Tips
  • Windows XP Professional Tricks - page 564
    Windows XP Professional Tricks
  • Microsoft Office 2003 For Dummies - page 354
    Microsoft Office 2003 For Dummies
  • Office XP for Dummies - page 355
    Office XP for Dummies
  • Seguridad Informatica - page 140
    Seguridad Informatica
  • Reloading Windows XP - page 236
    Reloading Windows XP
  • Windows XP Home: Das kompakte Wissen - page 222
    Windows XP Home: Das kompakte Wissen
  • Windows XP im Schnappchen PC
    Windows XP im Schnappchen PC

east-tec Eraser Reviews

  • Top Ten Reviews
    “In our tests, it consistently cleaned browser histories, cookies, cache files and autocomplete data without leaving any trace behind – we couldn’t even recover the information using recovery software.” (Best Privacy Software – Best Browser Cleaning)
  • Computertaal
    “east-tec Eraser is one of those applications that bring your privacy back under your control. … For just $30 you can hardly say that the company asks for a lot. Considering the quality, we can only say that it is well worth its money.”
    “With east-tec Eraser you can rely on a variety of secure deletion methods, which are also used by intelligence agencies. … Anyone who wants to protect their privacy should shred both online and offline data. east-tec Eraser is a reliable way to do that.”
  • GIGA Rating: 5 Stars
    “east-tec Eraser hunts and destroys your traces. … Even with the best specialists and tools, nobody will be able to recover that data. And that’s kind of a good feeling!”
  • IDG Techworld
    “east-tec Eraser is a supremely powerful privacy tool which can quickly and securely cover your PC tracks … and prevent others from spying on your computing activities. … An extremely powerful and thorough way to maintain your PC privacy.”
  • Rocky Bytes Recommended Software Award
    “You do not need to keep up with deleting all of your data, because east-tec Eraser does that for you automatically in the background to continue to keep your PC fast and secure.”
  • Softpedia Excellent Editor’s Review Award
    “Taking everything into consideration, we can say that east-tec Eraser is amongst the top of its kind, combining a user friendly interface and several powerful features into a light package. It gets the job done well.”
  • BetaNews
    “East-Tec has released east-tec Eraser, the latest edition of its comprehensive PC privacy tool. This version introduces the Risk Monitor, which warns you of potential privacy risks as soon as they happen, removing them with a click.”
  • FileCluster Editor’s Review: Excellent
    “I have to say it is quite brilliant. … If you are at all concerned about your privacy online, be sure to install east-tec Eraser and try it out. The program has many features that will help protect you, even if you are not at all experienced in the field.”
    “With standards that exceed the U.S Department of Defense criteria for the permanent erasure of digital information, it’s a fair bet that this program will easily meet all your requirements for safe and secure data removal.”
  • International Association of Technology & Computer User Groups
    “east-tec Eraser is the quintessential software for eliminating anything you really want to get rid of without worrying that it will show up unexpectedly because someone was able to restore it. What’s more, it’s easy to use and fool-proof.”
  • PC Format
    “In an era where information has become one of the most valuable commodities, taking care of your privacy is becoming increasingly important. … east-tec Eraser comes with a lot of improvements to the most important protection modules.”
  • Allmyapps
    “In a digital world in constant turmoil and with many pitfalls, east-tec Eraser is a truly worthy ally able to preserve your privacy and your personal data in a completely safe environment and effective way.”
  • PC Advisor
    “You don’t have to be working for the NSA to want to clean data from the storage devices on your PC. … east-tec Eraser deletes and wipes amazingly thoroughly and offers a range of different methods, depending on the security level you require.”
  • Download3K Editor’s Review: Excellent
    “We found no bugs during our tests and have no complaints at all. … east-tec Eraser is one of the best cleaning tools that makes your online and offline privacy a lot more secure, something that’s quite crucial lately.”
  • PC Advisor
    “Eraser offers advanced data erasure, and can greatly improve data security and PC performance.”
  • PC Actual
    “An efficient utility, with advanced features, that fulfills its mission very well. Easy to use thanks to the different assistants; effective operation; has the ability to automate the cleaning process.”
  • PC för Alla
    “east-tec Eraser really takes privacy seriously. Not only will it erase files so that they can never be recovered, it can also do the same with the file shadow copies that Windows creates.”
  • Software Informer Editor’s Pick Award
    “east-tec Eraser provides such a high level of flexibility, customization, and security that it stands out amongst many of its competitors. … Pros: Attractive interface. Offers you various levels of security. Privacy Guard utility.”
  • Cyber Defense Magazine
    “This product truly cleans your ‘cookie crumbs’ and we mean more than web browser cookies. If you run Windows, this is the must-have utility.”
  • Soft32
    “The app is easy to use. The interface has GREATLY improved over the last version. … If you’re looking for a drive/OS utility as well as an online privacy protection app, east-tec Eraser is a great choice.”
  • PC Praxis
    “east-tec Eraser takes care of the complete removal of treacherous data that inevitably arise when working with Windows.”
  • BetaNews
    “There are also tools on hand that can be used to clear the tracks that other programs store about you. This extends far beyond just wiping your browser history, enabling you to wipe recent file logs in scores of applications.”
  • Arvutimaailm Magazine
    “east-tec Eraser also makes your computer faster, removing temporary and other unnecessary files and freeing up disk space.”
  • Computer Power User
    “A slider on the bottom of the east-tec Eraser window determines the speed vs. security tradeoff. … None of the various undelete utilities we tried were able to recover any file with the slider set around the halfway position.”
  • Softpedia Pick Award
    “east-tec Eraser does a thorough job in a reasonable amount of time, while using a moderate amount of system resources. We definitely recommend it.”
  • PC Advisor
    “It cleans away evidence from the latest versions of the most popular web browsers and hundreds of popular programs.”
  • CNET Editors’ Rating: Outstanding
    “Eraser’s automated, customizable deep cleaning can help you protect your privacy and security and keep your machine free of a lot of junk without requiring a lot of regular input or effort.”
  • PC Pro
    “east-tec Eraser is the perfect program to cover your tracks.”
  • Smart Computing
    “It’s not often that we see perfect software, but east-tec Eraser is close. If you are concerned about erasing your tracks online or on the PC, this product is for you.”
  • Evidence Technology Magazine
    “The program knows where your computer has stored what you might consider to be sensitive information. And it can delete it, permanently, at your command. There are a lot of features to read about with this unique program.”
  • Windows XP: The Official Magazine
    “In fact, it’s so good that east-tec Eraser exceeds the US Department of Defense standards for permanent erasure of digital data – there’s nothing that can get past this program.”
  • SC Magazine Data Security/Encryption (Best Of 2005)
    “We like the east-tec Eraser products because they do a thorough job of cleaning up, with neat scheduling capability, too. … Eraser deserves a place alongside your anti-spyware and antivirus tools.”
  • PC Utilities
    “This is a tool that lets you put any security fears to rest, and is a sure-fire way of deleting any data from your PC.”
  • PC World
    “Time to get serious. east-tec Eraser goes ‘beyond U.S. Department of Defense standards’ for the permanent erasure of digital information to remove every trace of sensitive data from your computer.”
  • Choice Award
    “Using the computer and internet privacy feature, we managed to recover 300MB of disk space on our PC, which is more than any optimisation software has done before.”
  • Computer Shopper
    “Because ‘delete’ never really means ‘forever’ – and your Windows Temp folder can hold thousands of unneeded files and documents – east-tec Eraser is a download that’s well worth the money.”
  • Bits & Bytes Magazine
    “There is a way to truly eliminate this deleted data. And that is by copying random data over a deleted file. east-tec Eraser does that for you.”
  • ZDNet Editors’ Pick Award
    “Eraser is a high-level security application that performs secure file wipes to completely eliminate sensitive data from your computer. […] Eraser is easy to use and performs extremely well.”
  • Softseek Editor’s Pick Award
    “Eraser does a very good job at destroying data beyond recovery. Its extensive erasing capabilities make sure that not even a trace remains after erasing a file or folder.”

east-tec DisposeSecure Reviews

  • Rocky Bytes: Great!
    “With all of the risks involved, this makes it important to use software like east-tec DisporeSecure to make sure that all of your sensitive and private data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands simply because you want to sell and recycle your old hardware.”
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
    “Especially if you had personal and confidential data stored on a PC, a tool such as east-tec DisposeSecure should be the first choice before giving it away into foreign hands. A user-friendly and reliable application.”
  • Canadian Content
    “The program will check each disk sector and remove current data by overwriting it with nothingness. After processing the hard drive, East-Tec’s DisposeSecure will make sure nothing is recoverable.”
  • PC Advisor
    “DisposeSecure removes all traces of data from a hard disk or partition, without damaging the disk. All information is overwritten and destroyed beyond recovery.”
  • Download3K Editor’s Review: Very Good
    “With multiple destruction methods to choose from, a comprehensive help file, and industry-proven reliability, this software is amongst the most highly-rated file deletion utilities available.”
  • Softpedia Editor’s Rating: Very Good
    “Nice and Easy Sanitizing! Working with the program is really easy, and you don’t have to be a professional to find your way around the commands and options. … This is a good sanitizing program, with many options to choose from.”
  • PC för Alla
    “Empty your hard drive completely. … As you can imagine, this is a powerful program, so be careful when you use it so that you do not accidentally delete something you actually wanted to keep!”
  • ZDNet
    “east-tec DisposeSecure extends the protection to full hard drives and include critical validation reports showing the success of the process.”
  • CNET Editors’ Rating: Excellent
    “To keep your private data safe from others, you really need a more thorough tool and East-Tec’s DisposeSecure fits the bill. … DisposeSecure is a powerful and competent tool, and its interface and features reflect that.”
  • TechRepublic
    “Render old hard disk data irrecoverable. … east-tec DisposeSecure offers best solution to safely erasing hard disks.”
  • InformIT (Pearson Education)
    “One good wiping program we have found is DisposeSecure by East-Tec, a software product designed to remove all traces of information from a hard disk. … Every sector and every bit of information is overwritten and destroyed beyond recovery.”
    “Irrespective of drive format, east-tec DisposeSecure can shred them all in no time. … Be safe in the knowledge that your PC is completely clean. Guaranteed disk clearance, easy to transport between PCs.”

east-tec InvisibleSecrets Reviews

  • Rocky Bytes Recommended Software Award
    “Save yourself the time and effort and let InvisibleSecrets do the work for you, while it works hard to protect your private files from others. … Judging by how many features are packed into this light application it is hard to say no to such an offer.”
  • Download3K Editor’s Review: Very Good
    “If you’re looking for a simple, convenient, and secure way to encrypt or decrypt files of all kinds, Invisible Secrets Encryption Software offers a more-than-basic feature set with useful extras like file hiding and permanent deletion capabilities.”
  • LockerGnome
    “This program should be standard on every machine. With business laptops, government laptops, and personal laptops going missing every day, this security program should be on every portable machine, as well as desktop.”
  • CNET Editors’ Rating: Excellent
    “The program has a very user-friendly interface. Novice users will especially like the wizard-like approach it takes to walk you through each feature when selected. Encrypting a file was a piece of cake.”
  • Smart Computing
    “Invisible Secrets’ appeal lies in its ability to demystify the complicated subject of data security and provide even novice users with a valuable tool for safeguarding their data.”
  • Playboy
    “Keep your porn-site passwords in a single encrypted file, then use the program’s ‘steganography” function to hide that file deep in another document – say, a digital wedding photo (you twisted bastard).”
  • Five Star Rating
    “Invisible Secrets is actually six applications, neatly packaged together to provide complete privacy and security for the digital age. … Verdict: A comprehensive suite of tools for securing your data. Simple to use and well presented.”