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Online Privacy Protection Software:
Erase Files with east-tec Eraser

●   Securely delete all your Internet and computer activity traces
●   Delete traces of over 300+ third-party applications
●   Clean all your removable media devices (USB, MMC, SD etc.)
●   Erase files no longer needed and improve PC performance
●   Fully protect your personal data and online privacy

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Jack Sayers

Jack Sayers: “east-tec Eraser is an excellent, reliable and easy-to-use software tool”

Jack Sayers is a retired chartered engineer with extensive general management experience in manufacturing and government enterprises. He has been using the tool since 2008 once a week. One of its features he wanted to highlight was that it “can operate in the background without interfering with other work processes” and one important area he uses it for is “cleaning up superfluous data which clutter the hard drive and ultimately slows responsiveness”.

“A reliable and efficient software tool which is very easy and efficient to use. An excellent product!”

“Excellent product which is easy to use and can operate in the background without interfering with other work processes.”

Brian Groves

Brian Groves: “east-tec Eraser is one of the few software programs that perform as stated”

Brian Groves is a retired IT school teacher and as such, is especially aware of not only PC and Internet privacy issues, but the need for reliable privacy protection software. He tried several other products, including CCleaner, before testing and buying east-tec Eraser 10 years ago. He has been so satisfied with what east-tec Eraser does that has been regularly using it ever since for various purposes, for instance “to remove problems that anti-virus software couldn’t remove” or “to maintain faster starting ability and general smooth operation with less system errors”. And as good things are to be shared, it is not only Brian who uses east-tec Eraser in the family, but his good wife too, is one happy customer!

“I personally have used the software to remove problems that anti-virus software couldn’t remove and found it was an easy task once files were found. I run a 3TB system & Eraser is by far the fastest program to keep the system in order and opening & running fast as new.”


Stephen LaPlante: “Everybody needs east-tec Eraser on their computer”

Stephen LaPlante has been blessed with a unique and rewarding software development career. He has worked extensively in the Automotive Robotic Engineering field writing CAD Simulation and Offline Programming software for companies like General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

“Be afraid – Very afraid. Especially if you don’t password protect your computer. In this day and age of computer hackers with a lot of time on their hands, your computer is a target – if they gain access to your computer, you’ll wish you would have truly deleted sensitive data off your computer.”

“Share the word about this awesome product with your friends. Everybody needs this software on their computer.”


Alan: “I have found it very straight forward to use”

Alan is a graduate chemist, schoolmaster and he has been using east-tec Eraser for approximately 11 years.

“Every now and again I wipe the ’empty’ space on my hard drive. Several times I’ve found that this has speeded up my pc response and on other occasions has cured an annoying minor problem.”

“Also, I once got a virus that prevented me accessing emails. A well know anti-viral agent said it couldn’t destroy it. I found the virus folder and turned East-Tec on it on maximum destructive power. Immediately I rebooted the problem was solved! Fantastic!”

Peter Anderson

Peter Anderson: “You’re one of the few companies who does ‘what it says on the tin’ and does it well.”

Peter Anderson is a long term PC user experienced in Windows OS.

“It gives me a easy to use front end (with necessary gentle reminders to use it!) for all my internet and data secure cleaning and deletion”

“The Products superiority over competitors is in my opinion obvious, for me the greatest Feature is the Company itself, they are innovative and knowledgeable in security, trustworthy and dependable who reply to any email with great speed.”

“Just to say thank you for a great product which gives me as a Home User comfort and for such a friendly and helpful support service. You’re one of the few companies who does ‘what it says on the tin’ and does it well.”

Dan Rockmore

Daniel Rockmore: “East Tec makes me feel that at all times I have complete control over the security and privacy of my computer data”

Daniel Rockmore is a retired Senior Executive of JPMorgan Chase with extensive experience in the use of computers and software products.

“I have owned east-tec Eraser for many years and have found that the customer support is outstanding.”

Bob Kiley: “East-Tec is the ideal answer for comfort of mind that you are safe”

Bob Kiley is a business consultant for 50 years.

“With all the problems with computer security. i.e. stealing your credit card info or other personal information. East-Tec is the ideal answer for comfort of mind that you are safe.”

“Service to customers is one of the greatest features along with the best product on the market.”

Richard W. Meirowitz: “east-tec Eraser made my machine run better and faster.”

Richard Meirowitz is an attorney from New York, USA.

“Excellent. I have used a number of products desinged to remove detritus from my C drive. Most of them miss a lot of junk. east-tec Eraser has removed a lot of this useless material and made my machine run better and faster.”

Jason Essebag, Database Developer in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on Softcity (2010)

“The power of data can easily be appreciated by the consequences it might produce when it gets in the wrong hands. Once it’s out, not even the strongest garlic can make it go away. I encourage you to check out east-tec Eraser 2010, but please be careful, it does the job – once it’s gone, it’s gone : )”

Chris Allen, on a public software portal

“I have used this application since 2006 and I find that “it does exactly what it says on the tin!” I can feel confident my data has been destroyed beyon all recovery, and is no longer accessible to any would-be user.”

Peter Apostel, Kent, United Kingdom

“I would like to say that I was so impressed with east-tec Eraser that I now have purchased it. Not something I do often, as in three years ‘online’ I have only purchased 4 programmes after the free trial.”

Andrew Ritchie, Taunton, United Kingdom

“This is a fantastic product. I use it for the regular, scheduled clearing out of electronic rubbish – principally deleted files and shadow volume copies – deep claening and wiping free space, thereby truly giving me more usable disc space. The alerts and automated processes are immensely useful.”

Mr E J Evans, England

“I’ve used the east-tec Eraser programme since 2003 its an excellent product which i use daily, i thoroughly recommend it, its very easy to use, in my opinion its the best on line programme and i wouldn’t be without it.”

Stanley Watson, Georgetown, Massachusetts, USA

“I have communicated with you, Ms. Alexandra Preda, a few times over the past year or two. You, personally are outstanding to work with. You always have provided the correct response the very first time without a lot of back and forth. I’m quite happy to be your customer.”

Jan Tore, Sweden

“Again East Tech has proved to have the most outstanding support of all companies I have ever dealt with! I am impressed. Feel safe that I will, again, inform all my friends of the way you treat your customers. Many thanks for your great concern. The very best regards from your very satisfied customer.”

Herb Goldstein, Sarasota Personal Computer Users Group, US

“The best of the best! I have been using this superb application for more than a month now and I can tell you it does everything it claims. It works in all Windows versions and it is fast and incredibly efficient.”

Alvis Byerly, US

“Great program – would never run a computer without it again. It makes my private matters private. It is not a matter of what is so sensitive; it is much like my wallet in that I would not like the idea of someone looking into it simply because THEY think they have the right to see what it is it.”

Tonn Poorter, Mid Wales, UK

“east-tec Eraser is an effective tool to ensuring the things you didn’t want left behind are processed then removed provided it’s used as advised with the developers’ rules and suggestions. You won’t have a slow machine ever again.”

Mr. Sam Steele, Workshop Technician Education, UK

“I have used the east-tec Eraser for a considerable number of years, & I am very satisfied with how it completely destroys my personal data, & I can vouch for this programme by saying that it is my best one up to the present moment, It is excellent in the way that it destroys the data, that I don’t need, & I would like to mention the support that was given to me was really 10 out of 10 every time not that I was having lots of problems far from it, as you can see I am very pleased with every thing about east-tec Eraser, I would like to add to any one reading this Testimonial that I am not an employee, or know anyone personally, but I am someone who is really pleased with this programme.”