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Encrypt & Hide Files with east-tec InvisibleSecrets - File Encryption Software

Encrypt & Hide Files with east-tec InvisibleSecrets - File Encryption Software

  • Hide files and sensitive data into innocent files
  • Encrypt file and folder structures
  • Securely password protect any application
  • Password manager and generator
  • Email encryption software
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Features & Benefits

  • Encrypt file data

    Powerful folder and file encryption software

    east-tec InvisibleSecrets is a file encryption software that helps you protect your confidential information (like e-mails or personal desktop documents) from prying eyes or unwanted access by allowing you to encrypt file data from any application, whether a spreadsheet, graphics, word document or any other; on every kind of re-writable media ... Read More

  • Securely hide file contents with your sensitive data

    Securely hide file contents with your sensitive data

    east-tec InvisibleSecrets helps you protect your privacy and prevent data breaches not only by helping you encrypt file data it but also by helping you hide file contents for safe storage or secure transfer over the Internet. It will help you hide file contents with your confidential information you don't want others to know ... Read More

  • Securely password protect any application

    Securely password protect any application

    In addition to being able to encrypt file data, east-tec InvisibleSecrets comes with a powerful application locker that securely password protects any application from your computer and only allows access to it on a password basis. If you are an administrator or you share a computer with someone else, and you don't want others accessing ... Read More

  • Military-strength encryption algorithms

    Military-strength encryption algorithms

    east-tec InvisibleSecrets features strong file encryption software algorithms in protecting your confidential files and folders, meaning that you won't have to worry about data leakage incidents and making sure you also comply with privacy protection laws. It offers an extremely strong security by adopting ... Read More

  • File encryption software with password manager and generator

    Password manager and generator

    Securely store and manage all of your login-data using the Password Manager Software approach. As any users who write down or store their passwords on the PC, you risk a lot, as anyone can discover your lists and gain access to your valuable information. With our solution for password management ... Read More

  • Email encryption

    Email encryption

    Email encryption has never been easier and with the powerful tools and features offered by east-tec InvisibleSecrets you can easily control the access to your personal and confidential information. You can create executable packages with encrypted content to be sent by e-mail, locally stored or transferred via a USB device and what it is really great is that the recipient does not even need to have our software installed to decrypt the package, he only needs to know the correct password. Read More

  • Encrypt file data inside self decrypting packages

    Self decrypting packages

    east-tec InvisibleSecrets can create encrypted self-decrypting packages to be safely sent as zip files by email or if you don't want to send the package by email but save it locally, you will also have to specify a location where you want the package to be saved. All the receiver needs to decrypt Read More

  • File Encryption Software with IP-to-IP password transfer

    IP-to-IP password transfer

    In security everything is related to passwords and keys. Once two parties agree on a password they can initiate a secure communication, encrypt file data and send the encrypted emails or documents. The only problem is to communicate to the recipient the correct key, without the danger that a hacker might intercept ... Read More

  • File encryption software with file shredder

    File shredder

    Deleting files and folders using standard Windows commands is not secure. east-tec InvisibleSecrets lets you selectively and permanently erase your confidential files and folders making them unrecoverable to any data recovery software. This makes Invisible Secrets not only a file encryption software, but also a file shredder. This is done with the help of the integrated File Shredder ... Read More

  • File encryption software with protection against KeyLoggers

    Protection against KeyLoggers

    east-tec InvisibleSecrets brings you this unique way to enter passwords without any fear that will be caught by a key logger software. The virtual keyboard was created in order to prevent any key logger software from stealing your passwords. Whether you want to hide file contents using Steganography ... Read More

  • Cryptboard

    east-tec InvisibleSecrets brings you a new concept called Cryptboard. While working in Window Explorer (or any other shell application) you can add files to the Cryptboard and then perform the file encryption later. The Cryptboard keeps the files in a list, and therefore at any time you want you can make operations on the entire list of files ... Read More

  • To encrypt file data is very easy

    Very easy to use

    To encrypt file data, it does not require you to spend hours learning its mechanism and it does not require any special technical expertise. east-tec InvisibleSecrets has an intuitive interface and wizards that guide you through all the necessary steps required to safeguard your confidential information ... Read More

  • Real-time news system

    It will allow you to be kept up-to-date with new versions, new products, new features, and special offers for our file encryption software, without having to browse our website searching for new information. You will instantly get the news from us.