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Erase any Hard Drive or Computer: Wipe your Disk Drive with DisposeSecure

Erase any Hard Drive or Computer: Wipe your Disk Drive with DisposeSecure

  • Erase hard drives, partitions or media devices
  • Operating System Independent
  • Boot from CD/DVD/USB/network
  • Generate Disk Wipe Logs
  • US Department of Defense compliant
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Features & Benefits

  • Completely Secure Data Destruction

    Secure Data Erasing

    Permanently and completely erase computer data (entire disks or partitions, with all files, programs, the operating system), leaving no data behind. Securely erase computer data according to the wipe method you have chosen to use. The risk of exposing sensitive information when you dispose your old computer will be zero.

  • Erase computer data from a bootable disk

    Completely erase hard drive data from a bootable disk

    Runs from any bootable device like USB, CD, DVD or floppy and will offer you a great flexibility to erase hard disk data by making the process independent from the operating system that was previously present on that system. When you want erase computer data, you just need to make sure it is an Intel 80386 compatible computer with any version of Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, SCO UNIX, UNIXWARE, OS/2, BeOS, etc. The Windows Media Creator is that part of the product specially designed to help you create as many bootable devices as you like, allocate your wiping requirements on each device or even distribute wiping tasks to your team members by sending them ISO files.

  • Securely erase hard drive data directly from Windows

    Securely erase hard disk data directly from Windows

    You can use east-tec DisposeSecure as a wiping machine to securely and completely erase computer disks (fixed or removable) directly from Windows. Any device, hard drive or logical partition which is displayed in My Computer is also detected by east-tec DisposeSecure and you can securely erase disk data from them. Such devices include flash, thumb or USB drives, external or internal drives, CD+/-RW or DVD+/-RW, floppy, memory cards, SD cards from your mobile phone or digital camera.

  • Operating System Independent

    Operating System Independent

    Runs from any bootable devices like USB stick, CD/DVD or floppies. This enables you to run and erase computer disks with a x386 or 64-bit AMD/Intel architecture, regardless of the operating system installed on the computer. The operating system is not important but you have to pay attention on the architecture of the system you want to erase hard disk data from.

  • Erase Computer Disks on the Local Network

    Erase Computer Disks on the Local Network

    Empowers you the ability to simultaneously erase hard drives from a large number of computers (laptops, servers, desktops) from the local network. You will be relaxed standing in front of your server and watching the progress during the disk wipe process on all computers, and then finally get all erasing reports on the same computer. This solution is perfect for companies who need to erase hard disk data from a large number of computers.

  • Detailed Data Wiping reports

    Detailed Data Wiping reports

    Generates detailed data wiping reports as a proof that the hard disks you erased were 100% sanitized, serving for auditable purposes, part of compliance and law requirements. Capable to generate different types of erasure reports that can be either saved locally and later sent to the printer, or can be generated on each workstation and sent over the network to the server. The reports contain information about the entire process you used to erase hard disk data, wipe method used, total time, hard disk, etc.

  • Erase hard disk data using Internationally Approved Wiping Standards

    Internationally Approved Wiping Standards

    Erase hard disk data using methods that meet US Department of Defense 5220.22-M data destruction standards, but also all major military, government and industrial data destruction standards. This way, you can securely erase computer disks. You can choose from other several wiping methods that are used worldwide, such as Peter Gutmann (35 passes), Bruce Schneier, US Naval Information Systems Management Center: NAVSO P-5239-26 (RLL) US Naval Information Systems Management Center: NAVSO P-5239-26 (MFM), US Air Force System Security Instruction 5020: AFSSI-5020, Russian Federation - Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology: GOST P50739-95, The German Federal office for IT Security: German VSITR, etc.

  • Erase Hard Disk Data and be compliant with Privacy Laws

    Compliance With Privacy Laws

    When you erase hard disk data, the product meets most regulations for the safe disposal of sensitive information on computer systems, in this way eliminating data loss or data breaches. It is fully compliant with the most known acts: HIPAA, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, FACTA, HITECH, PIPEDA, FISMA, European Union Data Protection Directive and more.

  • Erase hard disk data using a transparent process

    Transparent Wiping Process

    To offer a transparent way to securely erase computer disks, you are supplied with the tools you need to empirically verify the disk wipe procedure. Using an embedded disk viewer, you can inspect each sector on the disk drive, eventually follow the wiping patterns implied in different algorithms and see how your sensitive data is destroyed or check if the wiping patterns are correctly followed in the process. You can do all this and navigate to any specific block number forward or backwards as you like.

  • Erase Hard Disk Data and Verify Sanitizing

    Verify Sanitizing

    An internal verification procedure will make sure the each sector of data has been overwritten correctly and that you always erase computer data beyond recovery. This is accomplished by reading each sector back from disk and checking to ensure that the original disk data has been properly overwritten and destroyed. At the same time this feature will give you a confirmation the data has been properly destroyed by using the selected data destruction standard.

  • Erase Hard Disk Data using User Defined Wipe Methods

    User Defined Wipe Methods

    You have full control on how you erase hard disk data: you can define your own wipe methods that perfectly suit your security needs and specify how many times data should be overwritten and the patterns used to overwrite it. To achieve all this we have designed a method editor that will make your task of defining new wiping methods much easier.

  • Automatically repartition after you erase hard drive data

    Automatically Repartition

    Automatically create an active partition after you erase computer disks, allowing you to use the hard drives immediately. All you have to do is give it a fresh format with the desired file system (NTFS/FAT) and you are able to store new data on your drive.

  • Erase Hard Drive Data without User Intervention

    Wipe Hard Drive Data without User Intervention

    Confirmations or errors/warnings can be turned off so that the erasing process will not require any user intervention. After selecting each disk to erase, the wiping method and the options, the user can leave the product do its job and continue his work elsewhere. This is time saving!

  • Erase hard disk data with command-line support

    Command-line support

    Using the command-line parameters feature, you will be able to automatically erase computer disks from DOS executable batch files or from other scheduling software. Depending on what parameter you decide to use, you may define the erasing method, the style of the log file you will get in the end, if the process will run without any user intervention and much more.

  • Great Flexibility, Easy Operation

    Great Flexibility, Easy Operation

    An intuitive interface which makes the entire process much easier to understand even for a beginner. The most important security options are already pre-configured, but advanced users will love exploring many other options that will enable them to customize the product and erase computer data according to their own needs.