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Erase any Hard Drive or Computer: Wipe your Disk Drive with DisposeSecure

●   Erase computer hard drives, partitions or media devices
●   Operating System Independent
●   Boot from CD/DVD/USB/network
●   Generate Disk Wipe Logs
●   US Department of Defense compliant

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Aug 11, 2016

System Requirements

1. When using a bootable disk to wipe your hard drives:

a. Requirements for the computers to be sanitized:

  • 286 or higher processor (386, 486, Pentium, etc.)
  • 550 KB of free conventional memory
  • Bootable 1.44 MB floppy disk drive, CD/DVD drive or bootable USB capabilities
  • The size of the hard drive to be sanitized must be up to 1 TB
  • The operating system is not a factor in the operation of east-tec DisposeSecure, however it has to be on an Intel 80386 compatible computer. The operating system can be any version of Windows (8/7/Vista/XP/2003 Server/2000/NT/Me/98/95/3.1), Linux (any distribution), FreeBSD, Solaris (except SPARC), SCO UNIX, UNIXWARE, OS/2, BeOS, etc.

b. Requirements for the computer(s) used to create the bootable floppy disks or CDs/DVDs:

  • 300 MHz or higher processor
  • 128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)
  • 50 MB of available hard disk space
  • Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/NT/Me/98
  • 1.44 MB floppy disk drive, CD/DVD drive or USB port
  • An active Internet connection for activating the licenses

Note: To be able to use the USB sticks after you made them bootable with east-tec DisposeSecure, you have to format them from Windows (right click the USB disk and select Format).

2. When using the east-tec DisposeSecure to completely erase drives in Windows:

  • An active Internet connection for activating the licenses
  • Supported Operating Systems (on the computers where you connect the drives to wipe): Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003
  • Supported file systems: NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, FAT16, FAT12
  • Minimum Computer Requirements: 300 MHz or higher processor, 128 MB of RAM, 10 MB of hard disk space

Version History

Version 5.1
  • User interface design changes
  • Windows 8.1 compatibility
Version 5.0
  • Create and use bootable USB sticks to wipe hard drives
  • Wipe external hard drives directly from Windows
Version 4.1
  • Improvements to make it work better under Windows Vista
  • New licensing options for home users, based on the number of sanitizations (uses)
Version 4.0
  • Network wiping capabilities
  • Sanitizations can be done based on the MAC address of the network computers or on successive boot sequences
Version 3.4
  • Improved delivery options for business users – create bootable disks with unlimited uses, to wipe multiple computers at the same time
  • New wipe methods – Russian GOST P50739-95, German VSItR
  • Design interface improvements
Version 3.3
  • Activation system improved – creating and activating your boot disks is easier, with the new user interface that guides you through the entire process.
  • CD activation made easier – the protection key and answer key are shorter
  • New licensing type – based on the number of technicians, with an unlimited number of sanitizations
Version 3.0
  • Sanitize independent partitions from your hard drive without affecting other partitions
  • Sanitizing speed improved for IDE/ATA drives
  • Create your own sanitizing methods easier than before
  • New command-line parameters

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