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Encrypt & Hide Files with east-tec InvisibleSecrets - File Encryption Software

Encrypt & Hide Files with east-tec InvisibleSecrets - File Encryption Software

  • Hide files and sensitive data into innocent files
  • Encrypt file and folder structures
  • Securely password protect any application
  • Password manager and generator
  • Email encryption software
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Powerful file and folder encryption

Powerful file and folder encryption

east-tec InvisibleSecrets helps you protect your confidential information (like e-mails or personal desktop documents) from prying eyes or unwanted access by encrypting any file from any application, whether a spreadsheet, graphics, word document or any other; on every kind of re-writable media, whether floppy disk, removable hard drive, zip drive, USB, etc using strong encryption algorithms. Whether you keep business plans on your computer, or you want to send your prototype project for review to your boss by email, or you connect your laptop to other networks to just browse the web, you need to make sure that an intruder won't have access to your sensitive information. You may do this by selectively encrypting your confidential files or folders and then automatically transfer them on your USB stick, e-mail or via the Internet. east-tec InvisibleSecrets features 8 strong encryption algorithms (AES - Rijndael, Twofish, RC 4, Cast128, GOST, Diamond 2, Sapphire II, Blowfish).

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