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Encrypt & Hide Files with east-tec
InvisibleSecrets - File Encryption Software

●   Hide files and your sensitive data into innocent files
●   Encrypt file and folder structures
●   Securely password protect any application
●   Password manager and generator
●   Email encryption software

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  • Cryptboard
  • east-tec InvisibleSecrets brings you a new concept called Cryptboard. While working in Window Explorer (or any other shell application) you can add files to the Cryptboard. The Cryptboard keeps the files in a list, and therefore at any time you want you can make operations on the entire list of files. Consider Cryptboard like a shopping basket where you add files, and the security operation like a “check out”. To add a file to the Cryptboard using any shell application: right click any files or folders and choose east-tec Invisible Secrets / Add to Cryptboard. In the Cryptboard there are available all the Invisible Secrets security functions: Hide, Encrypt, Decrypt, Shred and SFD Package (Self Decrypting Package). After you filled the Cryptboard with several files and folders from any location, you can perform a security operation in a single step.