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Encrypt & Hide Files with east-tec
InvisibleSecrets - File Encryption Software

●   Hide files and your sensitive data into innocent files
●   Encrypt file and folder structures
●   Securely password protect any application
●   Password manager and generator
●   Email encryption software

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Military-strength encryption algorithms

  • Military-strength encryption algorithms
  • east-tec InvisibleSecrets features strong file encryption algorithms in protecting your confidential files and folders, meaning that you won’t have to worry about data leakage incidents and making sure you also comply with privacy protection laws. It offers an extremely strong security by adopting not only military algorithms such as the 256-bit AES real time encryption (also known as Rijndael), but also offering other well known industry standards such as Blowfish, Twofish, RC4, Cast128, GOST, Diamond 2 and Sapphire 2, which means you will stay in control of your data either it stored on your PC, transferred over the Internet or stored in the cloud.