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Encrypt & Hide Files with east-tec
InvisibleSecrets - File Encryption Software

●   Hide files and your sensitive data into innocent files
●   Encrypt file and folder structures
●   Securely password protect any application
●   Password manager and generator
●   Email encryption software

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Email encryption

  • Email encryption
  • Encrypting email content has never been easier and with the powerful tools and features offered by east-tec InvisibleSecrets you can easily control the access to your personal and confidential information. You can create executable packages with encrypted content to be sent by e-mail, locally saved or transferred via a USB device and what it is really great is that the recipient does not need to have our software installed to decrypt the package, he only needs to double click the package and enter the correct password. Moreover, if your files are large in size, before encrypting them, you may easily compress to reduce their size.