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How to securely wipe my Internet tracks?

east-tec Eraser was designed to ensure a most comprehensive protection for your Internet privacy by securely wiping all the revealing tracks you activities leave behind. Many users make the mistake of only removing their browsing history, however browser data is a culmination of many sensitive tracks, such as, browsing, search and download history, cache files, cookies, autocomplete, form data and so on. Secure wiping is necessary because previously deleted history tracks can easily be recovered from your computer by unauthorized parties using special data recovery tools.

The software can securely erase your:

  • Browsing history
  • Cookies (browser, third party, tracking, etc)
  • Cache files (images, videos, photos, texts, URLs, etc)
  • Autocomplete & form data (sensitive personal and financial details you entered into forms)
  • Bookmarks
  • Search and download history
  • Open-tabs
  • Session-store
  • Chat conversations (Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, etc.)
  • Internet banking and financial traces (history, cookies, cached pages and data, etc.)
  • Social networking traces (Facebook history, log of uploaded/downloaded photos, G+ search history, etc)
  • Email traces (both web-based and desktop clients, such as, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc)
  • Traces of handling confidential documents, such as, business related PDF files
  • Temporary Internet Files, Recent Items and other traces Windows logs about your Internet activities
  • Traces of using Peer2Peer applications on the web

To get started, run east-tec Eraser, go to Privacy Guard and select one of the two main options: Erase Now or Advanced.

The Erase Now feature runs a thorough, comprehensive wipe on all the above mentioned areas based on settings our developer team pre-configured. This feature is recommended for most users since it provides very high level protection without requiring any user intervention. After the wipe is finished you can sit back and relax, knowing that all your sensitive Internet tracks are gone beyond forensic recovery.

The Advanced feature lets power users fine-tune the wiping process. Some examples of configurable options in advanced settings:

  • Wiping additional Internet tracks (auto-fill, saved passwords, bookmarks, open-tabs, session-stores, logs, etc)
  • Wiping sensitive data from selected, or all user profiles (For instance, in Chrome, or Firefox)
  • Wiping of shadow copies
  • Changing the default wiping method (you can chose from 14 built-in methods)
  • etc.

The screenshot below is an example of configurable settings in Chrome:

To learn more about each sensitive area Privacy Guard cleans, please read this article.

Recognizing the need for being able to wipe your Internet tracks at times when it does not interfere with your normal computer usage, east-tec Eraser features a built-in Scheduler.

If you need to wipe your Internet tracks, but want to keep it a secret, you can use the application in Stealth-mode that can be activated with a hotkey.