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How can I protect cookies from being erased?

While browser cookies can pose privacy issues (they often contain your login, or personal details, credit card info, information about your preferences, etc), east-tec Eraser lets you selectively choose which ones to keep, or erase for good. To do so, please follow the steps below.

  1. Run east-tec Eraser and select Privacy Guard.

  1. Click Advanced and in the resulting window select Browsers. From the list, select the one(s) you wish to keep cookies for. We’ve selected Google Chrome for the demonstration.

  1. Above the browser list look for the tab called Properties.

  1. Click it and in the resulting window select Protect cookies to locate cookies you wish to protect from being erased. As you can see, if the program detects multiple users, you also need to select which user’s cookies you wish to protect. Select the user and click OK.

  1. In the resulting window select the cookies you wish to protect by ticking them on the list.

Click OK when done. It takes you back to the previous window. There click Start to begin the wiping process.