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Why does my history come back after using east-tec Eraser?

If you notice that your browser history seems to be unerased after running east-tec Eraser, please check the following possible reasons:

  1. Make sure to close the browser you wish to erase history from before the erasure action starts. east-tec Eraser won't wipe browser history if the browser is open during the process.

  2. Make sure that you don't sync browser history to multiple devices. If you do, even if you erase it from the PC in question, entries you create on any of the synced devices will appear in the history of the device you just erased. In other words, you might have just finished erasing history from one PC, but if you create history entries on another synced device during, or soon after the erasure action, that history may be shown in the erased device's history. To disable history sync, please follow the steps below:

    • Google Chrome -> Settings -> Advanced sync settings -> Choose what to sync -> Deselect History -> OK
    • Mozilla Firefox -> Settings-> Sync -> Deselect History from the sync list
    • Internet Explorer (on Windows 8 PCs only) -> PC Settings -> Sync your settings -> Set Browser to Off

    If you'd like to enjoy the advantages of browser sync, but fear that it may compromise your privacy, we recommend you to regularly erase your browser data on each of your devices, using east-tec Eraser.