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Mount / Restore Safe

Mount / Restore an existing Safe function creates a connection between a safe and a container file. This function is mostly used to restore backed up container files, but it can be used to mount any container file (for example when you want to transport information from one computer to another). The new safe, created from the backup container file, will be exactly like the original safe was.

To restore a safe from backup follow these steps:

  1. Select the action: New Safe from the main page.

  2. Select the action: Mount / Restore an existing Safe from previous backup link from the bottom-left corner of the new safe window.

  3. Select the Container File to Restore

  • After selecting the action Restore Safe from previous backup link, a window appears asking you to browse and select the container file to be associated with the safe.

  • Select the Container File and click Open.

  • Further the procedure is exactly as you would create a new safe. Type in a name and a description for the new safe. Click Next to continue.

  • In the new page that appears, you can only change the letter for the new safe (the drive letter used when the safe is opened) and mark the checkbox (to display/not display the properties of the safe in the main window). Click Next.

  • Click Finish after the process is done and your safe is restored.