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Close Safe

A Safe is perfectly secured only when it is closed. Always close your safe when you're done working with it. You can also use the automatic closure system, that closes your safe if idle for several minutes.

To close a Safe follow these steps:

1. Select an opened Safe from the Safes list.

2. Select the action: Close Safe

  • from the main page: select the Close Safe action from the menu on the left, or

  • right-click on the open safe and select Close Safe, or

  • use the hot-key for the Close Safe operation

3. A confirmation message safe closed will appear.

Press OK button. If the safe could not be normally closed you will be asked if you want to perform a brutal unmount of the safe. This is not recommended because it can lead to loss of unsaved data.

Note: All opened Safes can be closed at once by selecting Close All function from the main page or from the tray menu.