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Destroy Safe

You can use this function to destroy a Safe. By destroying a Safe you delete the Container File, and all the information inside it, without any chance of recovering it. Unless you've made a backup of the safe you will never be able to recover the files from a destroyed Safe.


To destroy a Safe follow these steps:

1. Select a Safe from the Safes list.

2. Select the action: Destroy Safe.

  • from the main page: select the Destroy Safe action from the menu on the left, or

  • right-click on the safe and select Destroy Safe.

3. Enter safe's password:

Destroy Safe - Enter password

Destroy Safe is a password protected operation. No one can destroy a safe unless he knows the right password. Type in the password and press OK button to destroy the safe. A confirmation window will appear. Press Yes if you want to destroy the Safe or No if you changed your mind.