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Viewing the process of network sanitization

While the computers are being sanitized over the network, the administrator can see the progress on each machine. Each machine is identified by its MAC Address, and the Machine Name (if this has been entered by the user). You can always view the log file associated to a certain computer by double-clicking on the list.

If you use Successive Boot Sequence Based Sanitization, you may find useful to see the number of computers that have booted so far, so you know how many you have to boot to achieve the total number of machines to be sanitized.

At the end of the sanitization (when all progress bars have reached 100%), or if you want to stop the network communication earlier (save the log files up to a certain point only), just click the Next button.

You will then be able to manage the log files (rename them using your own preferences or skip renaming them). Read more about log files