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Network Module Overview

east-tec DisposeSecure can implement network sanitization based on two criteria:

1. MAC Address

Allows you to sanitize only the computers with their MAC Address specified in a list. If you try to network erase a computer not in the list of MAC Addresses, you will not be able to do so, until you enter it in the list. Read more

Sanitizing options available in DOS module

2. Successive Boot Sequence

Allows you to sanitize the first X computers that boot from the network. For example, you have 150 clients online in your network and you wish to sanitize 25 specific machines. You select the Successive Boot Sequence option, enter the number of machines to be sanitized (25), then network boot these specific 25 machines and sanitization will begin. Read more

No matter what selection you make, you will also be able to create a PXE CD, as an alternative way to network boot your computers. Read more