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What happens when my subscription expires?

When your subscription expires, you will still be able to use the version of the product you are entitled to (the last version released before your subscription end date) as long as you want, but you will not be entitled to receive updates and upgrades for free anymore.

However, you can extend / renew your subscription anytime or contact us for more details.

To have an active subscription is important because that guarantees regular, up-to-date protection for your privacy. Our developer team keeps adding new applications to the software's database, so that your privacy remains protected after using them. Just like it is with an anti-virus, it is important to keep the program's database as relevant as possible by receiving updates. Your online and offline activity traces accumulate quickly, leaving a large amount of highly sensitive information lying around on your PCs hard drive and in your browser. If that sensitive data doesn't get removed on a regular basis, you risk of compromising your Internet and PC privacy.