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Can I wipe entire drives with east-tec Eraser?

No, you can't. east-tec Eraser is best used to wipe files, folders, Internet and Windows activity traces and the free space. For entire drive wipe we recommend you another East-Tec product, east-tec DisposeSecure.

east-tec DisposeSecure is designed to completely erase your hard drive data from old computers that you or your company resells, donates or removes from operation. It runs from any bootable device like USB, CD, DVD or floppy and will offer you a great flexibility to securely erase hard drive data, by making it independent from the operating system that was previously present on that system. Whether you are a computer recycling company, government or public agency that is interested in computer disposal, DisposeSecure is the perfect tool to make sure you completely erase disk drive data.