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What is a Safe

Safe is the keyword of this program, is the concept which this program is based on.

A Safe is equivalent with a new partition, a new virtual disk drive added to your existent physical ones. The Safe is password protected, and uses to store the information a file on the physical disk. This file is called container file.

You can have several Safes on your hard drive, depending of course on their size and on the capacity of your real hard-disk.

After a Safe is opened (enabled), you can perform the normal file operations you do with any disk drive: copy files to Safe, copy files from Safe, delete, move or rename file, install programs, run applications, an so on. The virtual drive of the safe will have a letter assigned to it, just like the other drive letters. The letters of the virtual safes are usually letters from the end of the alphabet (..., X, Y, Z). When you no longer need to work with the file from the safe, just close the safe and the drive associated with this safe will become invisible.

After a Safe is closed, the drive letter will disappear and your information won't be accessible to unwanted users. You can change the properties of a Safe, like the password, size, letter, container file, only when the safe is closed.

Files stored inside a Safe are encrypted. SafeBit uses on-the-fly encryption to encrypt any data you place in the Safe. This process is completely transparent to you!

Warning! If you forget the password of a Safe, you will never be able to access it.