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How to use the Cryptboard

You can add files to the cryptboard from any shell application: right-click a file and from the east-tec InvisibleSecrets menu select Add to Cryptboard.

To open the Cryptboard, click the tray icon, and select Show Cryptboard.

The cryptboard is also accessible from the main program. All functions east-tec Invisible Secrets offers operate with files. After you have added several files to the cryptboard you can choose to work with them in all security features from the main east-tec InvisibleSecrets interface.

In the Cryptboard window you can:

  • Remove Files from Cryptboard - click button to remove the selected files.
  • Add files to Cryptboard - click button and then browse the files you want to add to the cryptboard (usually you don't have to add files from the Cryptboard window, but from Windows Explorer)
  • Clear - click the button to remove all the files from Cryptboard
  • Hide - click the button to hide all the files from Cryptboard
  • Encrypt - click the button to encrypt all the files from Cryptboard
  • Decrypt - click the button to decrypt all the files from Cryptboard
  • Shred - click the button to shred all the files from Cryptboard
  • SFD Package - click the button to create a Self-Decrypting Package containing all the files from Cryptboard

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