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Online Privacy Protection Software: Erase Files with east-tec Eraser

Online Privacy Protection Software: Erase Files with east-tec Eraser

  • Securely delete Internet and PC activity traces
  • Delete traces of over 350 third-party applications
  • Clean removable devices (USB, SD & more)
  • Erase unused files and improve PC performance
  • Protect your personal data and online privacy
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More Reviews & Recognition

  • Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI)

    “With Invisible Secrets, files can be hidden within image, audio, and HTML files. Besides data hiding, the tool has other capabilities such as email encryption, password manager, file shredder, application locker, IP-IP password transfer, cryptoboard, and more.”
  • MadDownload.com: Editor's Choice Award

    “Although antivirus programs are good, they don't provide the full protection which you are looking for. ... If you are concerned about your privacy, do try this utility for best results.”
  • Top Ten Reviews

    “This app takes a keen interest in web browser privacy - it can wipe every aspect of your browser history and behavior. Go beyond the browser and there's still loads to like. ... There isn't much that this app can't do - and its $30 price undercuts many of its rivals.”
  • Techworld

    “east-tec Eraser is a supremely powerful privacy tool which can quickly and securely cover your PC tracks ... and so preventing others from spying on your computing activities.”
  • ScanWith.com

    “east-tec Eraser is a powerful privacy tool that will guard your sensitive information. ... Every section has dozens of options for configuration to satisfy your every need. ... This program doesn't load your system resources and is easy to use for everyone.”
  • The Kosciuszko Institute and Google

    “'The right to be deleted' that East-tec offers is no longer the domain of nerds or experts, and is becoming a basic consumer and citizen right.”
  • Software Informer: Editor's Pick Award

    “east-tec Eraser is able to destroy all the information that can harm your reputation. ... With a great amount of positive feedback from users and magazines, east-tec Eraser exceeds every expectation when it comes to protecting your digital privacy.”
  • Top Ten Reviews: Best Browser Cleaning

    “In our tests, it consistently cleaned browser histories, cookies, cache files and autocomplete data without leaving any trace behind - we couldn't even recover the information using recovery software.”
  • Hakin9

    “The result? None of your activity history and private data are left behind - and... your PC works faster.”
  • GIGA: 5 Stars

    “east-tec Eraser hunts and destroys your traces. ... Even with the best specialists and tools, nobody will be able to recover that data. And that's kind of a good feeling!”
  • Rocky Byte - Recommended Software Award

    “Save yourself the time and effort and let InvisibleSecrets do the work for you, while it works hard to protect your private files from others. ... Judging by how many features are packed into this light application it is hard to say no to such an offer.”
  • Rocky Bytes: Recommended Software Award

    “Even better, anyone can use east-tec Eraser. With an easy to navigate interface and understand terminology, even the novice user can use this software and get great protection without needing to learn any of the advance stuff.”
  • Association of Personal Computer User Groups

    “east-tec Eraser is the quintessential software for eliminating anything you really want to get rid of without worrying that it will show up unexpectedly because someone was able to restore it. What's more, it's easy to use and fool-proof.”
  • Download3K - Editor's Review: Very Good

    “If you're looking for a simple, convenient, and secure way to encrypt or decrypt files of all kinds, Invisible Secrets Encryption Software offers a more-than-basic feature set with useful extras like file hiding and permanent deletion capabilities.”
  • Arvutimaailm (Print Edition)

    “In a way, east-tec Eraser also speeds up your computer by removing temporary and other unnecessary files from your computer and freeing up disk space.”
  • Computer Power User (Print Edition)

    “A slider on the bottom of the east-tec Eraser window determines the speed vs. security tradeoff. ... None of the various undelete utilities we tried were able to recover any file with the slider set around the halfway position.”
  • LockerGnome

    “Cisco Systems uses this program. The Drug Enforcement Administration uses this program. The Exchange Bank uses this program. McCain Foods Limited uses this program. The program is Invisible Secrets and the client list grows.”
  • CNET - Editors' Rating: Excellent

    “The program has a very user-friendly interface. Novice users will especially like the wizard-like approach it takes to walk you through each feature when selected. Encrypting a file was a piece of cake.”
  • Software Informer Editor's Pick Award

    “east-tec Eraser is an outstanding tool that not only protects your personal data and privacy but also allows you to regain your precious disk space.”
  • Software Informer Editor's Pick Award

    “east-tec Eraser helps to protect privacy with techniques that are far better than those set as a standard by the Pentagon. ... east-tec Eraser's high standards and ease of use make it the perfect choice. I fully recommend it!”
  • Software Informer Editor's Pick Award

    “The application acts as an excellent suite of privacy utilities. east-tec Eraser really deletes all that info so no one else can retrieve it.”
  • Smart Computing (Print Edition)

    “It's not often that we see perfect software, but east-tec Eraser is close. If you are concerned about erasing your tracks online or on the PC, this product is for you.”
  • Smart Computing (Print Edition)

    “Invisible Secrets' appeal lies in its ability to demystify the complicated subject of data security and provide even novice users with a valuable tool for safeguarding their data.”
  • Playboy

    “Keep your porn-site passwords in a single encrypted file, then use the program's 'steganography' function to hide that file deep in another document - say, a digital wedding photo (you twisted bastard).”
  • APC Magazine - Editor's Choice Award

    “Invisible Secrets allows you to encrypt messages within a graphics file. ... The beauty of the program is that there is little to no adjustment to the file size, making them easy to email and hard to detect.”
  • V3 - Five Star Rating

    “InvisibleSecrets is actually six applications, neatly packaged together to provide complete privacy and security for the digital age. ... Verdict: A comprehensive suite of tools for securing your data. Simple to use and well presented.”
  • PCWorld

    “Time to get serious. east-tec Eraser goes beyond U.S. Department of Defense standards for the permanent erasure of digital information to remove every trace of sensitive data from your computer.”
  • AsiaOne

    “Remember to cover your tracks on your cyberjourneys, especially if you are using a public terminal or a company PC. east-tec Eraser is recommended for this task. Simple to use and powerful, it wipes out the shreds of data indicating where you went online.”
  • Tucows

    “An advanced security application that is specifically designed to get rid of sensitive data from your computer. ... east-tec Eraser can also vanish data from any files you may have already deleted that are still hanging around.”
  • La Presse

  • ZDNet - Editors' Pick Award

    “Eraser is a high-level security application that performs secure file wipes to completely eliminate sensitive data from your computer. ... Eraser is easy to use and performs extremely well.”
  • Softseek Editor's Pick Award

    “Eraser does a very good job at destroying data beyond recovery. Its extensive erasing capabilities make sure that not even a trace remains after erasing a file or folder.”