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AsiaOne: east-tec Eraser is recommended for this task

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AsiaOne, a prestigious Singaporean digital content platform with 28 years of trendsetting reporting, showcased east-tec Eraser in an article on September 26, 2001. The article was about anonymous and secure internet surfing, and it recommended east-tec Eraser as a simple and powerful security software. It said: "east-tec Eraser is recommended for this task," and praised its ability to erase online data traces.

The article also highlighted some of the unique features and benefits of east-tec Eraser that make it stand out from other privacy utilities. As stated in the review, east-tec Eraser can delete files and traces from your computer and online activity, such as Run Windows Application Logs, caching data in the Windows Swap file, Internet History, and Temporary Internet Files folders. It protects your privacy and data from unauthorized access, especially on public or company PCs.

The article concluded by saying "[..] it offers lots of functionality with an easy-to-use interface."

If you want to try the east-tec Eraser you can download it from our official website. You can also read the full article here. Enjoy privacy protection now.