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PassEase: Password viewer and magnifier. Enlarge, share & more!

PassEase: Password viewer and magnifier. Enlarge, share & more!

  • Reduce input errors; make clear distinctions (O/0, l/I)
  • Memory-friendly: segmented passwords for easier recall
  • Perfect for elderly and visually impaired users
  • Simplifies sharing passwords in classes or meetings
  • Web-based, no installs, open-source transparency
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  • Michael Hawes

    British Columbia, Canada

    Michael, in his first encounter with our newly released PassEase, shares his initial impressions in this inaugural user testimonial. Living in the remote and challenging environment of Lillooet, British Columbia, he appreciates the simplicity and efficiency of PassEase, highlighting how it has quickly begun to ease his daily digital interactions and enhance his online security.

    Recently, I became aware of a new computer security tool graciously offered for free by East-Tec. PassEase is already making my life much easier! ... I am breathing a sigh of relief now and have placed PassEase not only on my desktop, but on my iPhone too! The information page on PassEase will assure you of the security of using this cross-browser, cross-platform, open-source tool. In addition, the East-Tec people have included a color filter option that can greatly aid those with some particular eye conditions.

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