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A photo of Michael Hawes, the author of this PassEase testimonial, from British Columbia, Canada

Michael Hawes: PassEase is already making my life much easier!

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Over twenty years ago, I tested and reviewed an abundance of security software on Windows XP. The results were shared on my personal website. Only those programs deemed worthy were featured and reviewed under the title, "Software I Heartily Endorse." The lion's share, I chose not to comment upon based on my principle of not discouraging young developers whom I hoped would emulate the few digital artisans of that era who displayed diligence, proficiency, responsibility, and laser-focus in engineering purpose-driven software while maintaining a noble code of humanity-driven business ethics. All while keeping an eye on the horizon and never compromising their software or integrity in a dynamic environment where zero-trust is a necessary virtue.

That is how I first came to know East-Tec. Over all those years, I have used their east-tec Eraser program on a daily basis. In fact, East-Tec was the only company whose software I still endorsed when I launched my next website, many years later. My Texas grandma used to tell me that I'd be judged in life by the company I chose to keep. In that spirit, I invite you now, Dear Readers, to have a look at the list of august clients who already employ East-Tec solutions. My interactions with East-Tec have always been very positive. It is comforting to me that such decent, capable folks are hard at work in the industry.

After my retirement from Canada Post, I moved to the remote rural town of Lillooet in British Columbia's Fraser River Canyon. In the following decade, my wife and I have dealt with several unexpected serious health issues. Our medical emergencies, in combination with the COVID-19 pandemic and a relentless series of wildfires which threatened Lillooet, spurred me to learn to use a gifted iPhone very quickly.

Without tech, the harrowing but successful two-year quest to save my wife from leukemia would have been a logistic impossibility. There are only two roads in or out of our mountain town, and both are prone to mud and rock-slides, fire, accidents, and flooding. Here, in the St'át'imx First Nation, grizzly bears, wolves, coyotes, black bears, eagles, deer, and cougars may still be encountered near one's home. IT is of paramount importance to those of us who reside in such places across our world.

I wear corrective lenses and use a Widows desktop in tandem with an iPhone. As the necessary complexity of passwords waxed from a mild nuisance of six characters to an alphanumerical beast reluctantly and incompletely tamed by biometrics and cryptography, a side-industry of apps has emerged to assist users in some aspects of password management.

I notice some blemishes in these utilities, usually caused by a marketing paradigm that demands compromise in design at the expense of everyday utility, durability, and effectiveness, as well as a lack of macro-awareness of the problem being remedied. Also, some solutions insult the intelligence of the average user, while others mystify all but the gifted.

Now more than ever, folks who use computers without awareness of security concerns can all tell personal tales of data breaches, ransom attempts, trojans, blackmail, extortion, and the Stygian atmospheric digital river of unsolicited, unwanted, intrusive, unsafe, and unsavoury marketing.

As we all dance forward, we must be mindful that AI/ASI may be better at password generation, storage, retrieval, and confirmation than are those of us who represent the aging demographic of tech users and innovators in this human continuum. AI has no organic eyes to become clouded. That said, I can easily predict an AI learning curve, in which its lack of human discernment may well cause havoc for users who enter anything remotely inaccurate by mistake when logging in.

This will impact the entire structure to a degree. As overburdened medical industries upgrade, refit, restructure, and embrace newer models in an effort to cope with our growing population and their lack of staff; many aspects of their industry have already been placed into the hands of third parties using such tech. Thus, a huge onus has been placed on patients to be tech-savvy and accurate. This phenomenon is playing out right now in many other arenas.

Recently, I became aware of a new computer security tool graciously offered for free by East-Tec. PassEase is already making my life much easier! I currently have occasions to manually enter very strong passwords generated by my iPhone into my desktop when doing tasks on Windows. Only a few months ago, I became temporarily locked out of my Microsoft account as a result of very tired eyes and a repeatedly mistaken password. I know that many folks have had the same terribly frustrating experience. Especially when the stakes were high to keep themselves connected to emergency, medical, government, business, and financial services; as well as with family, education, news, email and shopping.

I am breathing a sigh of relief now and have placed PassEase not only on my desktop, but on my iPhone too! The information page on PassEase will assure you of the security of using this cross-browser, cross-platform, open-source tool. In addition, the East-Tec people have included a color filter option that can greatly aid those with some particular eye conditions. If you code, you may even contribute to its refining! We have been invited to participate in the betterment of computing by a company that leads by example.

I want to personally thank everyone connected with East-Tec for the opportunity to share this testimonial. Readers, perhaps it's time you make the Internet a safer place for yourself and your offspring by running East-Tec software on your devices.