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When I attempted to install it, I got a message saying Another version is installed

Note: If you have a version that has the old Risk Monitor in the System Tray, make sure to close this module first, before updating east-tec Eraser.

If you receive the same message after trying to uninstall it, follow the steps below to manually uninstall the previous version (depending on the version you have on your computer, you may need to replace any previous version with the version you have):

  1. Please go to My Computer, click on the C drive, go to Program Files\east-tec Eraser, enter into this directory and erase each file one by one using Shift + Delete (if any files are still left there).
  2. If you receive any message that Windows cannot erase dll files, restart the computer and after that, try again and you should not encounter any problem.
  3. Then, go to "Control Panel -> Uninstall a program" and clean up the east-tec Eraser icon from the list (click on the Remove or Clean-up button).
  4. After doing this, go to Start -> Run and type the following: regedit
  5. This will open your Windows registry. Please browse to the following key and delete it by right clicking it and using Delete: HKEY\_CURRENT\_USER\Software\EAST Technologies\east-tec Eraser