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What's the difference between east-tec Eraser and east-tec DisposeSecure?

east-Tec DisposeSecure

east-tec DisposeSecure is designed to wipe entire hard drives or just selected disk partitions. This means the product will also wipe the operating system. It is like a disk format operation, but using a secure wipe method that makes the data unrecoverable. All you need to do is create a bootable CD/DVD, USB drive, or floppy disk, then boot from that disk, choose what you want to erase (the entire disk drive or just selected partitions) and DisposeSecure will do its job. The product can also boot via the network. And more, you may erase entire external drives or removable media directly from the DisposeSecure Windows module.

If you need to make your computer clean or if you want to give it away, sell or donate it, we recommend you east-tec DisposeSecure. After using DisposeSecure on your computer, you will need to re-install the operating system and all other applications.

east-Tec Eraser

We recommend east-tec Eraser if you:

  • don't want to erase the operating system but only some data in different areas where Windows or other applications create and store sensitive data without your knowledge
  • need to erase individual files and folders
  • need to wipe previously deleted data (because Windows deletion is not secure)
  • want to erase non-system partitions (you cannot erase the partition where Windows is installed)