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Encryption Algorithms

(Encryption algorithm = any process which encrypts data)

east-tec InvisibleSecrets provides eight strong encryption algorithms

Name Max Key Size Block Size
AES- Rijndael 256bits 128bits
Twofish 256bits 128bits
RC4(tm) 1024bits 64bits
Cast128 128bits 64bits
Gost 256bits 64bits
Blowfish 448bits 64bits
Diamond 2 128bits 128bits
Sapphire II 128bits 64bits

east-tec InvisibleSecrets offers you the possibility to develop and install new algorithms.

To install a new algorithm follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings Dialog Box.

  2. Choose the Algorithms page

  3. Click the Add algorithm button

  4. Fill the edit boxes with: a name for the new algorithm, a library file name (.DLL), and an activation key

  5. Click Ok

You can find information on how to develop your own algorithms on our web site.