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Adding a Password to a List

To add a password to a list of passwords, first open the list (see Password Manager), then click Add Passwords button. A window like the one below will open:Password Properties

  • Descriptionrequired– type in the description for the new password (a name for the password – so that you could identify it easy in the list).
  • Passwordrequired– type in the new password or click Generate Random Password button to generate a random password using east-tec InvisibleSecrets Real-random Password Generator
  • User nameoptional– type in a user name, related to this password.
  • URLoptional– type in an URL related to this password.
  • Importanceoptional– select the importance of the password. Three levels of importance are available: Low, Normal, High.
  • Expires inoptional– set the expire date. By default the expire date is set after an year from the creation date. For example: if you create a password in 04/20/2003, the default expire date will be 04/20/2004. This might be useful when you want to renew your passwords.
  • Infooptional– type in any information useful for you – related to the current password.