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Self-Decrypting Packages

east-tec InvisibleSecrets offers a new function: creation of Self-Decrypting Package (SFD). Using this function you can create a executable package with encrypted content. Before encryption the files are compressed. After the package is created you can send it by email. All the receiver needs to decryption the package is the correct password (no need of special programs), since the package is a program itself.

To create a SFD Package you have make the following steps:

1. Select the action: Self-Decrypting Packages

2. Choose the files to include in the encrypted package

You can do this from the Files tab:

Create Self-Decrypting Packages

  • Add Files: Click this button to add files to the list.

  • Add Folders: Click button to add all the files from a specific folder to the list.

  • Remove: Click to remove any file from the list.

  • Cryptboard: Click button to add files from Cryptboard or to open the Cryptboard.

You can add files by dragging them from other applications and dropping them on the list.

3. Add a message to your package

You can add a message to the SFD Package; this message will be shown after the receiver of the package will decrypt the package. This message is useful because you can transmit instructions, read-me files, or other comments to the receiver of the package.

Message added to the Self-Decrypting Package

You have several possibilities to format the message: font, size, color etc.

4. Select your Options

  • You have to provide a password for the encryption. This password must be communicated to the receiver in order to decrypt the package.

  • You can click the Passwords button to select one from a Password List.

Warning: If you forget this password you will not be able to decrypt the package!

Password for the Self-Decrypting Package

If you don't want to send the package by email but save it locally, you will also have to specify a location where you want the package to be saved.

You also have the option to:

  • send the package by email after the package is created.

  • shred the original files when done (after the package is created)

Click Next to start the process.

When somebody wants to open a SFD Package he/she has to double-click the package file and a window like the one below will open.

Decrypting a self-decrypting package

The password used for encryption is needed in order to decrypt the content.