Real Random Password Generator

Use Random Password Generator to create real random passwords that are almost impossible to break. The random password will have as seed random mouse movements over a special box… this will be the real-random seed of the password, used in addition to the normal computer’s pseudo-random generator.

Random Password Generator
  • Maximum numbers of characters to generatee – sets the number of characters of the random password. Warning: Passwords smaller than 6 characters are insecure!
    • Symbols to generate – you can check several symbols to generate (to include in your password): Lowercase Letters, Uppercase Letters, Special characters, Numbers, All characters

The complexity of the password depends on the types of symbols included in your passwords.

  • Password – displays the password created (typed in by you or random generated). Click * button to make the password visible.
  • Move mouse over the box from the bottom of the window to generate the real random password.