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Basic Options and Features

Sometimes it is necessary to automate the erasing process (such as at night, once a week, etc.). The Scheduler feature allows you to run any of the east-tec Eraser tools automatically, at a specified time or whenever a special event occurs (system start-up, browser closes, etc.).

Scheduler is a module integrated within a central access panel, called the east-tec Eraser Control Panel. Because we want to make it comfortable to be used by both beginner and advanced users, east-tec Eraser comes with the following different basic options and features, to help you erase files and data from the past:

In the left corner of the each module button you will see the status of the wiping process: if it's Running, or if it's in the Queue list, if nothing is displayed, this means there is no scheduled wiping process in the Queue list.

In the left Panel of the Scheduler module you will see all the options available for this module.

The right Scheduler panel will display the following information:

  • View a list of all tasks with basic information such as: the name of the task, when it was scheduled to run, when it will run the next time, when it ran the last time.

  • Perform operations on tasks, such as:

    • Add new tasks, by clicking the Add button.

    • Remove existing tasks, by selecting a task and then clicking the Remove button.

    • View or edit existing tasks, by selecting a task and then clicking the Properties button.

    • Run existing tasks immediately, by selecting a task and then clicking the Run Now button.

  • The task can run daily, weekly, monthly, once, at startup, at logon or when idle. For each of these options the start time and specific details can be defined.

  • You may also define the actions the new task will perform. You can choose to delete files or folders using the Erase Files feature, destroy the content of folders monitoring your computer and Internet activity by using the Privacy Guard feature, or ensure that the sensitive content of previously "deleted" files is actually erased, using the Erase Deleted Data feature.

  • Before completing your task specifications, you are allowed to set the required options to execute the task according to your needs, such as: ignore locked files, shutdown the computer after the process ends, etc.