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Important Facts

Selective online privacy protection: cookies to protect

Cookies are usually a major privacy concern, as they can be used to gather valuable information on your habits or interests. The Privacy Guard feature offers online privacy protection by deleting these cookies. However you may wish to retain specific cookies that make your Internet browsing convenient.

To protect the cookies for sites you visit frequently, just open the Privacy Guard and in the Browsers section select any of the browsers installed on your computer, click the Properties button and in the window that appears select Protect Cookies, then check the cookies you want to protect.

Windows and Internet Explorer "locked" files

After running the Privacy Guard you will be prompted to restart your computer. This step is necessary to delete certain "locked" Windows files. These are files that are used by Windows or by Internet Explorer and can only be erased while Windows starts. One of these files may be the Windows paging file, a file that may contain sensitive information collected without your knowledge or approval. The Internet Explorer history or cookies index files are also "locked" while Windows is running.

Not found application warning

In the Application Sensitive Areas sections (Archivers, Burners, Browsers, Download Managers, etc.) there is a list containing all the available applications you may select. If you want to check an application not installed on your computer, a warning message will appear prompting you that application does not exist on your PC.

Note: There is an option in Advanced Options, called "Autodetect installed applications when Privacy Guard starts". By checking this option, all programs installed on your computer will be automatically enabled when starting Privacy Guard.