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Media Wiper can securely erase disk drives (all files and folders). Use this feature with caution!

You will have the possibility to removable media devices up to 128 GB connected to your computer. After selecting the removable device you want to wipe, click Start.

Important Note

With the View Disk button, you can see the data that exists in the sectors of a removable device. The Disk Viewer can help you better observe the wipe process and verify that all the original disk data is destroyed beyond recovery.

To start the wipe process, all you have to do is click the Start button. The next screen will display the progress bar showing the evolution of the wipe process, the name of the drive wiped in that moment and the name of the method used to wipe that drive.

Important Note about the erase disk drives process

If you want to go beyond removable devices and completely erase entire disks or partitions no matter what operating system you have installed, east-tec DisposeSecure is the solution you are looking for.