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The stealth (anti-boss) key

The Stealth Key also called Anti-Boss Key helps you get privacy protection and hide what you are doing by just using a combination of keys from your keyboard. This allows you to close all open windows and immediately run east-tec Eraser with preselected options (e.g. erase your Internet traces in stealth mode) with just a combination of keys.

The stealth (anti-boss) key with Privacy Guard Hotkeys

All you have to do is specify a combination of keys to enable/disable the stealth mode. You may do this from the Dashboard Settings + Advanced Settings of each module -> Hotkeys page.

Now you can continue your activities feeling safe, because in case of emergency all you have to do is press the defined Stealth Key, and all open windows will close, while east-tec Eraser starts with the specified task, eliminating all traces of your previous activity.