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Logfile handling in all modules

Logfile handling in the Bootable Media Creator

Due to the LOGFILE HANDLING new feature, if during the sanitizing process, the log file exceeds the floppy or USB disk capacity, east-tec DisposeSecure will automatically ask you to insert new diskettes or USB sticks and the sanitizing process will continue. The log file viewer uses 100 lines cache memory and enables the user a better and quick overview of the generated log file.

Logfile handling in the Network Sanitizing version

The log files will be generated and sent over the network to the computer (server) where east-tec DisposeSecure is installed, in the directory you specified into the program (in the default directory or another one). The default directory is located at "C:\Program Files\east-tec DisposeSecure\Logs".

The log files renaming utility included in east-tec DisposeSecure allows you to rename the log files for each machine, using your own preferences. You have four criteria to choose from:

  • MAC Address
  • IP Address
  • First Hard Disk Serial Number
  • Chassis Number

Network log file renaming utility

For example, let's suppose you want the log file names to be based on MAC Address and First Hard Disk Serial Number. You select these two criteria from the list, in this order, and the log file will have a name such as MAC_HDD.001

You can also skip log file renaming, by either clicking Skip Renaming, or by setting all four criteria to None and clicking Next.