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How to use the Command-line parameters (Windows module)

You may run east-tec DisposeSecure from the command line prompt. This feature allows you to automatically erase entire disk drives from BAT files or from scheduling software. Use the following syntax:

DisposeSecure.exe disk1 [disk2 …] [erase options]

disk1, disk2, …

The disk drives to be completely erased. You will be prompted for confirmation before erasing them according to the current options.

erase options

See the erase options below:


Use a specific wipe method to perform the actions specified in the command-line. MethodID can be 0 (the first wipe method as it appears in the wipe method list), 2 (the second), and so on.


If this parameter is used, the user will be allowed to abort the wiping process during the execution. Otherwise, the process will be executed and the user will not be able to stop it.


If this parameter is used, the wiping process will not require user intervention. After a drive/device has been wiped, east-tec DisposeSecure will automatically start to wipe the next selected drive. When an error occurs, it will not be displayed to the user and the wiping process will automatically continue.


If this parameter is used, the process will use ISAAC pseudo random number generation algorithm for random data generating. This ensures a high security level but slows down the wiping process.


If this parameter is used, data is written to disk without intermediate buffering or caching. This provides performance gains in many situations.


If this parameter is used, east-tec DisposeSecure will erase the disc quickly (between 1 and 2 minutes depending on the recorder speed), but the program area will still contain user data. The quick erase option is recommended for routine use, when you want to prepare the disc for another burning but do not need to ensure that the data is erased beyond recovery.


If this parameter is used, a quick format of the drive will be also executed at the end of the wipe process. This step will remove all traces of the destruction process.


If this parameter is used, the wipe process will require user intervention after a drive/device has been wiped.The user can choose to continue, to abort or to view the disk.

/R= <log_file_path>

If this parameter is used, the wipe process will generate a wipe report file for each drive that is wiped. The log will contain information about the drive, the time and date of wiping, any errors that occur while wiping, etc. The user can choose the name and the place where the report file will be generated.


If this parameter is used, the process will also log extra information required by U.S. Dept. of Defense standards (such as the name of the person performing the wiping process). The log file will also contain the exact contents of any sector that could not been wiped. This helps the user determine if the data that remained on disk is too sensitive to permit the release of the media.


This parameter must be used if you want to keep the current contents of the log file, and add new entries at the end of the file (append).


"C:\Program Files\east-tec DisposeSecure\DisposeSecure.exe" E /M=5 /R="C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\EAST Technologies\east-tec DisposeSecure\report.txt"

This command will completely erase partition E using method number 5 and it will generate a log file (report.txt) at "C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\EAST Technologies\east-tec DisposeSecure".