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East-Tec trusted in challenging military environments

East-Tec trusted in challenging military environments

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Meet Jim, a dedicated fan of east-tec Eraser for over twenty years. As a long-term customer, he first discovered our software in 2003 during his deployment to Afghanistan, where our software was selected by the command to enhance computer performance for the entire Task Force. East-Tec was chosen to meet the demands of military operations, which fills the company with great pride and honor.

Jim's experience underscores how east-tec Eraser excelled in challenging military environments, ensuring both data security and optimal performance. Two decades later, he is still using the program to ensure that his laptops running smoothly and his important data is secure. We're immensely grateful for Jim's trust and support, as well as the recognition of our software's effectiveness in military settings.

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I've been a customer of East-Tec for more than twenty years and it has been the only application I completely trust to thoroughly rid my laptops of unwanted and performance degrading files.

My journey with East-Tec started in 2003 while deployed to Afghanistan. Our Task Force adopted the departing unit's computer systems and needed a quick solution to improve their sluggish performance while awaiting our new and faster connectivity. East-Tec was selected over more popular and highly advertised programs by the command due to its simple and effective methods without cumbersome memory eating background applications.

Two decades later I'm still using the program in its incredibly streamlined and user friendly platform. Additionally, with the proliferation of online hacking and ransomware I use East-Tec Blowfish encryption for my most valuable digital libraries to include documents and pictures.

Take it from someone that's not only been with them since their infancy... I've provided valuable feedback over the years to help improve their platforms. You can rest assured that East-Tec will perform beyond your expectations.