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Listen To Why Michael Hawes Trusts East-Tec Since 2003

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Let me introduce Michael Hawes, a writer, podcaster, music creator, editor of Stochastic Scintillae and a longtime user of east-tec Eraser, who firmly believes that using a computer without our software is one of the most irresponsible things one can do in today's tech orientated world.

But how did it all start?

When Michael purchased his first computer in 2002, as a curious and new computer user, he did some research on PCs and their security. Later, he launched a website, on which he published reviews of games, utilities and various security software. His computer was also shared with his sons, who used the machine to play games, do some emailing and peer-to-peer downloading.

One day Michael noticed some unusual behavior regarding the computer's performance. He suspected that it was a Remote Access Trojan virus. Unfortunately, he was right and to prove to his skeptical sons that viruses are not rare at all, he did an imaginative trick. As he wanted to see if his screen was visible to the attacker in real-time or not, he opened the text-editor and typed in some notes. Those notes contained commands to move the cursor in a particular way. His instructions were fulfilled and the attacker immediately moved his cursor in the required directions. This verified that the hacker could see his screen. Because it took some time for him to abolish that virus, he was convinced that he should pay more attention to cyber-security. After that incident, his website became mainly focused on security and that's when he got to know east-tec Eraser.

Michael's opinion on east-tec Eraser and the East-Tec team

According to him, "east-tec Eraser is a wonderful program and in my book, an essential program for all but the most uninformed of users." For him, the software is an easy-to-use, effective tool, which could greatly decrease the rate of cyber-crime attacks, if more people were using it. In his experience, East-Tec developers have always been one step ahead of their customers. Not once did he have to ask for a new feature. But as the nature of software development requires advancement, the East-Tec team had to constantly improve its software as well. The developers have managed to achieve these improvements in a way that the Eraser remains free of useless adornments, but full of fresh features to this day.

The features Michael uses the most are Privacy Guard and Erase Deleted Data. As far as he knows Privacy Guard is the last thing his sons do after every session at their computers, as a matter of habit since he first got the software in 2003. The Privacy Guard erases sensitive data from your Windows and Internet activities. Windows and Internet sites track your actions and habits and gather revealing traces about everything you do online and offline. The Privacy Guard doesn't erase files and data you have saved or that are needed for normal operation.

Due to his website and his reviews of products over the years, he has had numerous customer care experiences with many different companies. From the beginning, the East-Tec staff has always been remarkable, when compared to others. Quoting his words, the staff is "human, well-informed, professional, patient and possessing integrity, honour and technical ability."

But why do we need to secure our computers properly?

Over time, Michael's computer has become his banker, his archive for manuscripts, poetry, reviews, essays, music, his photo album and his telephone. After connecting a printer and a scanner to his PC, it also became the machine with which he makes and fills out official forms.

To summarize, his most sensitive information is stored on his computer. According to him, not securing and erasing this data properly is a very careless thing to do. Just to mention some of his examples, it is like selling your personal desk without removing your papers first or placing your wallet on a public bar, leaving the building and then coming back later to pick it up.

We at East-Tec feel proud to have such customers as Michael Hawes. For almost two decades, east-tec Eraser has been helping him on a daily basis without any problems, moreover, he is especially happy to experience the personal connection behind the product that East-Tec is offering. For him, that is as valuable and useful as the product itself.