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PassEase: Password viewer and magnifier. Enlarge, share & more!

PassEase: Password viewer and magnifier. Enlarge, share & more!

  • Reduce input errors; make clear distinctions (O/0, l/I)
  • Memory-friendly: segmented passwords for easier recall
  • Perfect for elderly and visually impaired users
  • Simplifies sharing passwords in classes or meetings
  • Web-based, no installs, open-source transparency
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Privacy Statement

Are my passwords safe?

Absolutely! With PassEase, your passwords and any data you input remain entirely within your browser, never leaving your device. They are not stored, transmitted, or shared in any way, ensuring complete privacy and security.

East-Tec's Pledge for Your Privacy

East-Tec, a leader in security and privacy solutions since 1997, has designed PassEase with the utmost commitment to safeguarding user data. Here's how we guarantee the safety of your passwords:

  1. Long-standing Reputation: East-Tec's background in security and privacy since 1997 stands as a testament to our dedication in safeguarding user data. Learn more about our journey and dedication here.

  2. Zero Data Storage: PassEase does not save, store, or archive your passwords or any other data.

  3. No Data Transmission: All data input remains strictly on your device, ensuring it's kept private and secure.

  4. Exclusively Local Operations: Every function of PassEase, from magnifying to distinguishing characters, operates locally on your device.

  5. Transient Interaction: Data entered is discarded immediately upon closing PassEase or your browser.

  6. Open Source Assurance: Embracing transparency, PassEase is open source. Scrutinize its source code on GitHub to validate our privacy commitments.

Trust is paramount to us. Should you have any further queries or need clarifications about our data-handling practices, we're here to help.