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What is a Container File

Every Safe works with an encrypted Container File. It is the image of the virtual drive stored in a big file. Your encrypted files and folders are actually stored in this Container File.

The Container File cannot be accessed if it resides in the Default Container Folder. The access to this folder is blocked to ensure a greater security (mostly against accidental deletion). You can use the information stored in an Container File only through SafeBit program. The Container File is encrypted using the strong 256-bit AES encryption algorithm.

IMPORTANT: If you change the location of a Safe, the Container File will become accessible: it still cannot be opened but it can be deleted. For maximum security we recommend to keep your Safes in the default location.

Note: The size of the safe is limited by the file-system you use, because of the container file. Every file-system has a maximum size for a file, so the container file is also limited in size, and that is the maximum size of the safe.