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SafeBit Settings

The Settings page allows you to view and change the general and security settings of the program.

Follow these steps to change the Settings:

  1. Select the action: Options from the top-right corner of the main page.

  2. The Options window will appear.


General settings

  • Open program at startup: Check this box if you want SafeBit to start running when Windows starts up.

  • Show drive in Windows Explorer after opening: After opening a safe, the drive will show in an Explorer window.

  • Hide tray icon: Check this box if you want the tray icon not to be visible as usual but hidden. Note that you should set your hot-keys to be able to open the program again!

The Default Safes Containers Folder is only displayed, for you to know where the container files reside. For security reasons, you cannot change this folder. If you want to copy container files from this folder use the Backup Safe function. To move files in/from this folder use the Move Container function, from the Properties window.

Use the antivirus program edit box to select the program to use to scan your safe for viruses. This program will be launched when you select "antivirus scan" from the main window. If the box is empty east-tec SafeBit will try to auto-detect your anti-virus program, so in case you change your program and want SafeBit to re-detect it, just delete what's in this box and open the Options window again.

Note: You can also define additional parameters for this program. east-tec SafeBit will replace the <drive> tag with the actual drive letter when making the scan.

Security settings


You can check the first box if you want to enable the Open Safe List hotkey. Using this hotkey you will be able to open the main window of the program anytime (even it's running in Stealth Mode). The default open hotkey is Ctrl+Alt+O but you can change this to a different key combination.

You can check the second box if you want to enable the Close All hotkey. Using this hotkey you can easily close all opened safes at once - ANYTIME. This is like an emergency key, when you want to quickly close the safes without opening the main program interface. The default close all hotkey is Ctrl+Alt+C but you can change this to a different key combination.


You can check the box Timeout if Inactive if you want your Safes to be automatically closed if inactive for a certain amount of time (if there is no application that use files from the opened safe). The amount of time is given in minutes and you can set any interval. By default the amount of time is 15 minutes. This feature is very important and very useful because if you forget to close a safe that you no longer use, SafeBit takes care of it and closes it.