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FTP Connections

On the FTP Connections tab you can see a list of the all FTP Connections saved by you, and you can save new connections to this list. This is useful for instance when you want to send a hidden file through a FTP connection: you will not have to fill in all the information for the connection, you can just select the desired connection from the list.

New Connection: Click this button to add new connections to the list of connections. When adding a new connection you will have to provide the following information:

  • Connection name: Specify a name for the connection

  • Host: Specify the Host

  • User Name: Specify a valid user name

  • Password: Specify the password for the user name mentioned above.

Remove: Click this button to remove the selected connection from the list.

Edit Connection: Click this button to edit the properties of a connection: name, host, user name and password