Erase Files and Folders Quick Start

A quick start guide for Erase Files and Folders:

1. Start east-tec Eraser (from the east-tec Eraser program folder or by double clicking the east-tec Eraser desktop icon). Then open the ‘Erase Files and Folders’ feature box.

2. Add files and/or folders in one of the following ways:

  • Click the ‘Select Files and Folders’ button. Then select one or more files/folders and click Add. When you are finished, click the Finish button.
  • Open My Computer and go to the folder from which you want to add files/folders. Drag one or more files/folders from My Computer and drop them onto the Erase Files and Folders list.
  • Click the ‘Select by Criteria‘ button and search for specific files/folders to add to the list (by name, location, type, date and size).

3. Click the Start button to begin erasing the files/folders from the list.