Erase Files and Folders Basic Options and Features

Erase Files and Folders is a module integrated within a central access panel, called the east-tec Eraser Control Panel. Because we want to make it comfortable to be used by both beginner and advanced users, east-tec Eraser comes with the following basic options and features:

Erase Files and Folders Basic Options and Features

In the left corner of each modules’ button – you will see the status of the wiping process: if it’s Running, or if it’s in the Queue list, if nothing is displayed, this means there is no scheduled wiping process in the Queue list.

In the left Panel of the Erase Files and Folders module – you will see all the options available for this module.

The toolbar will display the following information:

  • Add Files and Folders: use this option to select one or more files/folders and then click Add. When you are finished, click the Finish button.
  • Select by Criteria: search for specific files/folders to add to the list, using the following criteria:
  • All or part of the file/folder name: you can also include characters like * (for any characters), or ? (for a single character). For example, if you want to include document files that start with “company”, you can use this mask: company*.doc. This will find files named “company.doc”, “companyplans.doc” etc.
  • Look in: the location where the search is performed (for example, C drive, My Documents, etc.).
  • Include Files: if this is checked, files will be included in the search.
  • Include Folders: if this is checked, folders will be included in the search.
  • Specify Date: you can use one of the following dates as search criteria – Creation Date, Modified Date, Access Date.
  • Specify Size: you can search for files/folders by comparing their sizes with a specified value.
  • Remove from List: removes the selected item (file/folder) from the list. It does not remove the file/folder itself, just its entry in the list.
  • Clear List: removes all items (files/folders) from the list. It does not remove the files/folders themselves, just their entry in the list.

Advanced Settings button for displaying various options not related to the module wiping operation but to the module’s internal configuration.