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Sanitizing Options

Available on the Sanitizing Options Screen. Proceed to find out more information about them.

The sanitizing options available in the DOS module

NOTE: The sanitize options can be set also using the command-line parameters. For more information about the command-line parameters, please read the COMMAND-LINE PARAMETERS section of this documentation file. To locate this section, use the table of contents from the beginning of this file.

Verify sanitizing

If this option is selected, each sector that is sanitized will be verified to ensure that its data has been destroyed beyond recovery. This is accomplished by reading each sector back from disk and checking to ensure that the original disk data has been properly overwritten and destroyed.



  1. We recommend that you leave this option on because it will help you ensure that the data you sanitize is really destroyed beyond recovery.
  2. This option will approximately double the time required for sanitizing because for each sector the east-tec DisposeSecure will perform two operations: sanitizing (a disk write operation) and verification (a disk read operation).

Sanitize drive from back to front

If this option is selected, the drive will be sanitized from back to front. The sectors located at the front of the drive (that usually contain important system files required by the operating system) will be the last to be sanitized. This will ensure that important data will be saved, in case the user changes his mind about sanitizing the drive.


NOTES: This is a built-in safety feature designed to minimize the loss of vital data in case you start to sanitize the wrong disk. When this option is on, if you interrupt the sanitizing process before it completes, the data located at the front of the drive (important system files that render a computer unusable if overwritten) may be saved.

Perform a last sanitize with zeros

If this option is selected, east-tec DisposeSecure will perform a last sanitize pass with zeros after all the passes of the current sanitize method have been performed. This way, after sanitizing a drive, all its contents will be filled with zeros.

DEFAULT VALUE: Not set (off)

NOTES: After the sanitize process is completed, the disk remains filled with the pattern that was written during the last sanitize pass. In case you use a sanitize method that performs a last pass with random or non-zero patterns, this option allows you clear the entire disk surface and fill it with zeros.

Generate sanitizing log (report) file

If this option is selected, the east-tec DisposeSecure will generate a sanitizing log (report) for each drive that is sanitized. The log will contain information about the drive, the time and date of sanitizing, any errors that occur while sanitizing, etc. Log files are saved in the root directory of the hard or floppy disk where east-tec DisposeSecure is installed, and they can also be sent to a printer.

You can also change the name of the log file, by pressing ALT-L. Before the sanitizing process begins, the program will let you know when you can remove the east-tec DisposeSecure floppy disk and insert the one where you want to save the log file (if you do not insert a new disk, the log will be saved on the east-tec DisposeSecure floppy). For example, you can store all log files on a single floppy disk (or use additional floppies when the first one is full), that you can label "Sanitizing reports".


Department of Defense style log file

If this option is selected, the east-tec DisposeSecure will also log extra information required by U.S. Dept. of Defense standards (such as the name of the person performing the sanitizing). The log file will also contain the exact contents of any sector that could not been sanitized. This helps the user determine if the data that remained on disk is too sensitive to permit the release of the media.


Allow the sanitizing process to be interrupted or paused

If this option is selected, the sanitizing process can be interrupted at any time by pressing Alt+X or paused by pressing Alt+P. If this option is not selected, the user will not be able to interrupt or pause the sanitizing process until the entire drive is sanitized beyond recovery.


Sanitize without requiring user intervention

If this option is selected, the sanitizing process will not require user intervention. After a drive has been sanitized, the east-tec DisposeSecure will automatically start to sanitize the next selected drive. When an error occurs,it will not be displayed to the user and the sanitizing process will automatically continue.

DEFAULT VALUE: Not set (off)

NOTES: This option allows you to sanitize one or more drives without requiring user intervention or input. After selecting the drives to sanitize and the sanitize method and options, the user can leave the product to do its job and continue his work elsewhere.

Automatically pause after a sanitize pass

If this option is selected, the east-tec DisposeSecure will automatically pause after performing each sanitize pass. This way you can use the built-in Sector Viewer to check if the sanitize pass was performed correctly.

DEFAULT VALUE: Not set (off)

Use ISAAC pseudo random number generating algorithm

If this option is selected, the east-tec DisposeSecure will use ISAAC pseudo random number generation algorithm for random data generating. This ensures a high security level but slows down the sanitizing process.


Create partition after sanitizing drive

If this option is selected, after the sanitizing process, the east-tec DisposeSecure will automatically create a primary DOES active partition.

DEFAULT VALUE: Not set (off)

Enable DMA/UDMA transfer mode for IDE/ATA drives

If this option is selected, the disk drive will be accessed at the maximum transfer rate allowed (IDE/ATA drives only). If DMA/UDMA transfer mode is not available, the default PIO mode will be used.


Disable mouse support

If this option is selected, the mouse support will be disabled, and you will not be able to use the mouse while running east-tec DisposeSecure.