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What is east-tec DisposeSecure?

east-tec DisposeSecure is a software product designed to remove all traces of information from a hard disk. east-tec DisposeSecure completely eliminates data from the entire hard disk: every sector and every bit of information is overwritten and destroyed beyond recovery.

east-tec DisposeSecure is based on the East-Tec Advanced Data Removal Technology, a collection of highly secure data removal capabilities designed to provide protection against ALL methods of data recovery.

The East-Tec Advanced Data Removal Technology and the east-tec DisposeSecure product offer the following features and capabilities:

  • The ability to remove sensitive information from all areas of the disk and the ability to provide protection against all methods and equipments of data recovery
  • The possibility to create multiple bootable devices (floppy disks, CD/DVD disks, USB sticks), which can be used on several computers where east-tec DisposeSecure is needed at the same time
  • The possibility to wipe entire local hard drives / partitions and external USB devices
  • The possibility to run east-tec DisposeSecure over the network, for mass computer erasing, and the ability to send all erasure log files to a location on a server
  • Data removal methods that meet and exceed the United States Department of Defense standards
  • Powerful verification capabilities that give the user the utmost assurance that all data has been completely removed from disk
  • The ability to maintain detailed logs of all sanitizing operations, that can be printed and saved for permanent records
  • The ability to sanitize any hard disks connected to the computer, regardless of the file system and the operating system that resides on each drive (works with FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, DOS, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Unix, etc.)

NOTE: east-tec DisposeSecure is a software product designed to sanitize storage media. According to the United States Air Force, sanitizing means removing all traces of information from a hard disk "in a manner that gives assurance that the information is unrecoverable by any means". Sanitizing (also called purging) defeats attempts to recover information based upon a technical attack, such as undelete software, sector editors, and more advanced methods.