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Top 5 Reasons You Should Keep Your East-Tec Eraser Up-To-Date

Top 5 Reasons You Should Keep Your East-Tec Eraser Up-To-Date

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Nowadays, when privacy threats multiply by the minute, it is not a question anymore whether we can get away with using outdated versions of Internet and PC privacy software. New threats pose new challenges and to keep our computer's defense system powerful enough to fight them is something we can do a lot about. In this article we'd like to highlight the top 5 reasons why it is crucial to keep your east-tec Eraser subscription active and the product up-to-date. We are going to list both privacy and efficiency issues to give you a full picture.

1 Updated applications in east-tec Eraser's database

This is perhaps the most important point on the list, because just like your antivirus does, east-tec Eraser has a database of supported applications. This database makes it possible for the program to auto-detect and destroy sensitive traces you leave behind after using the apps included in its catalog. Right now, the software supports over 250 of the most popular applications and our developer team works hard to add new apps to the catalog regularly. The other very important thing our developer team does is that they check it daily if the supported apps have any updates. Most applications get updated regularly and often offer new features that may pose new privacy threats. With the latest version of east-tec Eraser you can be sure that your protection is up-to-date against the latest application versions.

2 Supported applications added on a regular basis

As we mentioned it in the previous paragraph, our developer team regularly adds new apps to the software's database. The team focuses on seeking out applications that may compromise your privacy the most, in a wide range of categories, such as finance, cloud storage, media, communication, etc. The latest your software version is, the more applications it supports.

3 New features and improved interface

Our new software versions, without exception, always offer an improved interface. Improvements are made not only to make the product look modern, but more importantly, to make it easier and more efficient to use. New features often really make a big difference by saving you precious time and by minimizing the headache and frustration a complicated main menu, or navigation system could cause. To help you get things done faster and easier, east-tec Eraser comes with a fully redesigned interface. It features a new Dashboard that gives you an overall privacy status update, saving you the hassle of manually searching for details. It also offers a new Job queue feature to help you achieve significantly improved time management.

4 Technical support

Since we keep all our administrative software as up-to-date as possible, it's much easier for us to look into issues you might face on a new version that's optimized for the latest Windows OS. Plus, as east-tec Eraser versions evolve, some of its features may get modified, replaced, or even removed so it'd be very complicated for us to maintain technical support for each and every version released previously.

5 More extensive Help documentation

As software versions evolve, so do their help documentation. Even though we HAVE always made sure that a detailed online/offline Help section was available, from last year on, our official site features an extensive Knowledge Base and Help section which we regularly update. It helps you with dozens of how-tos, FAQs, screenshot-filled explanations, offers you product oriented hot topics and if you need further assistance, our online Support page is just a click away.