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Give Your Privacy Protection A Major Update: east-tec Eraser Is Out!

Give Your Privacy Protection A Major Update: east-tec Eraser Is Out!

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East-Tec is very happy to announce that the latest version of east-tec Eraser, east-tec Eraser, is now available at the East-Tec Store. This major release comes with plenty of new features. We have redesigned both its interface and architecture to offer our valued customers a more intuitive, efficient and stylish product that also brings you several customization options. The new Dashboard's advanced privacy risk scanner guarantees real-time risk alerts and the improved Privacy Guard wipes out every bits of compromising online and offline activity traces. This version also boasts the largest database of supported applications ever to keep unauthorized parties away from your personal data at all times.

What's new in east-tec Eraser

east-tec Eraser box and interface

The new interface is a trendy combination of flat design and sleek look. The flat design makes sure that no distracting, confusing, or unneeded elements stand in your way when navigating the interface and the carefully chosen colors, fonts, and tasty arrangements add a sense of style to its appearance. Sensitive areas are now grouped into modules and you can also find a new Dashboard and Privacy Guard on board.

east-tec Eraser Dashboard

The new Dashboard keeps your privacy as up-to-date as possible. It X-rays your PC and notifies you real-time whenever there is a risk posed by accumulated, unerased traces in the system. It also prompts you to keep your software updated, because just like it is with an antivirus, you can only expect full protection for the privacy of your data, if you take advantage of the software's regularly updated database of supported applications.

Privacy Guard

east-tec Eraser offers you a more powerful Privacy Guard as well. It was designed to save you the hassle of manually searching for and selecting sensitive traces to be erased. Its default option auto-detects and permanently removes revealing traces from all your online and offline activities, supporting 250+ applications and programs, including Windows 8 apps. And its Advanced feature leaves plenty of room for customization.

You can apply Advanced Settings to each module to fully control each erasing job whether you prefer to select a different wiping standard, or change a particular default wipe option for it, or want to designate a custom wipe area.

Job Queue

Now customers can take advantage of the new Job Queue feature that saves time and makes organizing data erasure much easier. If you need to erase multiple areas using different modules, entries can be added to a sequence to have the software do one job after the other. In fact, entries from all 4 modules can be added to a sequence, and when a job of a particular module was finished, another entry of the same module can be added to the queue.

Security slider

east-tec Eraser's new slider selector makes it very easy for you to choose from 14 industry and government data wipe standards the one that best suits the erasure job ahead. Different data wipe standards can be chosen for each module and each erasure job individually.

east-tec Eraser is also fully compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) and offers complete control over your privacy. Combined with its new user interface, using east-tec Eraser on Windows 8 becomes a real pleasure.

east-tec Eraser brings you plenty of more great features to discover. Make sure to get your copy today and experience what it feels like to have complete control over the privacy and security of your data!